Thursday, December 30, 2004

Under construction
Sorry all you faithful readers but since everybody is outta town I'm gonna be doing a total renovation of my site. Wait for some cool things to come.

Monday, December 27, 2004


I got the new camera! I'll update later today for now i'm getting some sleep. Expect photos!

Friday, December 24, 2004

MERRY CHRISTMAS!...or whatever you do.

So I forgot to keep counting the days down who gives a shit? All that matters now is that tomorrow is Christmas. . . and whether you're waiting to get that crazy cool new snowboard or video game or pair of underwear...or if you're just into the whole christ being born. . . ::cough, cough, Sarah Weir, Cough:: . . .then I wish everyone a Merry Christmas...for all you Jews out there...just enjoy the break and knowing that if you have to go out on the roads tomorrow you won't have to worry about all the traffic. Most of all I just want everyone to smile tomorrow. It's a day for whatever reason for everyone to stop think and smile. For family, friendship, gifts, and a life that never labels itself as normal or boring. I love you all regardless of race, sexual preference, religion. Merry-whatever-the-fuck tomorrow is for you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I feel like playing video games all of a sudden...yep I can already tell I'm gonna waste this break away on stupid things like that...well here I go. Somebody ask me on a date please...I need to find reasons to ge out of the house or I'll waste away.


Ha! Schools out for the X-mas break. It must be akward for the jews because their holiday is over and yet they still have this break here kinda strange feeling. Stupid Jews.

OMfreakingG, I saw every college student that has gone to ohs in the last three years today that I know. It's nice...very nostalgic.

Well help me count the days down to christ's fucking day why don't ya?

DAYS LEFT: 4 Phucking Days!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Women from the the late 1920's up to the 1940's are SO PHUCKING HOT. I want to travel back into time and find a girl from that timeline and express my deep love for her. The short hair and spunky attitude of women from then makes me wish I were born then. Flappers were amazing. Their views and attitude towards life was It's rare to come around women like that nowadays. If I come across one such woman I will try hard to restrain my sexual tensions. But this post is mostly to get the fact out that Joe Griffin gets titilated when he see's an oldfashioned short haired spunky yet very ladylike female. Thank you and goodnight.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Yep those four letters do alot to explain my feeling right now. I had a hell of a day today. Speech was quite the adventure. I'll post the brief story of my speech experience at OEHS. For now, I'm looking at the clock and it says 1:47 and my bed seems a good place to be spending my 1:47 at.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Oh my God!

I am not ready for this speech meet!!!!!!

I've been studying my OC all night and I feel like I'm gonna totally suck. I'm so embarrassed. I just want to stay home. I need more time. I've never felt this way, ever. I have never been put in this situation and it totally sucks. AH! I just want to scream! I just want to stay in the comfort of my house and not make a fool of myself. I look at my compitition and I cringe to think that I have to now perform in front of them and make a fucking fool of myself. DAMNETTE! I hate this feeling so much. If there is a god out there I ask that he have mercy on me. Tomorrow I let everyone down...but nobody will probably read this till after tomorrows meet since every other sane speech team kid is in bed sleeping...SHIT!


Holy Shiza! I'm still working on my OC the night before the speech meet I have to perform it on. I feel so unprepared. I'm so psyched though. I love the sense of excitement that last second writing and memorizing brings. I Skipped school today so I could sleep in and write some more before my coachings tonight. I already had one and in an hour I'm on the road to catch a 5:40 coaching with Will Luxion...who by the way is kick ass. He's helped me a bunch.

I'm so ready and yet so not ready for tomorrow.

KICK the tires and LIGHT the fires baby...this weekend is gonna be a rough one!

Thursday, December 16, 2004


You all got served.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Well as I can tell from my last entry only 5 people read my blog. Is that true...guess i'm gonna have to quit bloggin....

and so concludes this blog...thank you Joe for sharing all those good and even bad times with us. The laughter as well as the tears have brought us all just a step closer to understanding why you're so screwed up. And for that we love you. Good bye Joe but more importantly good bye Joe's Blog. It was really you we all really cared for anyway...not Joe.

With Love,
Readers like you ;-)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Crystals GOOD BYE!

Yep last night of crystals. Everything turned out great. I wonder what crystals will be like next year with everyone who is leaving.

Like my new template? yes or no.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


day one in the books.

Tonight all musically inclined students at OHS performed in the crystals concert. It was pretty phucked up. I'm only in commotion for the whole show so I sit around till the end of the show sing and dance a little and then run off stage shuddering at how horrible we did. No not really. Although the first performance tonight out of the two we totally screwed up the beginning of our sone. We came in late because we couldn't hear the 1,2,3,4 that Tieri apparently shouted...not. So we all look like the fool up on stage but despite that kept the grin on and acted like nothing happened...HA...fools

NO speech for me tomorrow. Sorry all I told eveyone that I was gonna go along even though I didn't have to perform but I got home tonight and was like....SLEEEEEP....I could use some of that so yeah screw you all. I'll bring two cakes next week to make up.

Wish us all luck Sunday when we preform our second night of crystals!

Peace, Love, and Multiple Orgasms to all

Monday, December 06, 2004

Speech meet drag

Yeah so last saturday was the first speech meet of the season at Neuqua Valley high. I got about 3 hours of sleep almost missed the bus and arrived at the school where the meet was to be held. My partner (Mike Leali) and myself went to all three of ours rounds, performed, and felt very confident about our performances. And still I haven't broken yet. we got two 3's and a 5. I'm still satisfied though. Next week we'll take em to town.

YEEEF, I still need to finish writing my OC. I won't perform OC this week but next week the 18th I think. I really feel bad about not being ready to perform for OC but I really need more time.

What ever happened to getting sleep?

This week...

Friday - Commotion crystals concert (and octet if that pulls through)

Friday night - very little to no sleep

Saturday - Speech meet all day, probably in a stoned state of being

Sunday - Phuck church I'm sleeping in till Commotion later that evening

Yep other than that I think I've successfully become a pseudo-insomniac. I'm actually getting used to the little sleep I've been getting. I even find it challenging to see how well I can operate with little sleep. Like a test of endurence.

HA...who ever said you need 8 hours of sleep can suck a nut.

Listen to Ray Charles

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Speech meet numero uno es aqui!

This saturday My partner Mike Leali and myself will be performing our HDA! It's a great duet and we've polished the humor pretty well for our first meet. We will definately be taking more than just our balls to this speech meet. I'm super excited. If you're going just to watch this weekend make it a goal of yours to watch our scene.


what else is there to talk about.


meh dorky routine funny to watch us do but a heartwarming tune.


...Diana said it best on her latest post...School is school.

well that's pretty much it folks. I'm sorry... next time I promise I'll think outside the Bachs....(buh dum chh)

anyone wanna sell to me a old record player I sure want to buy it from you!!! post me if you want to take up on this deal...

Peace in the mid east.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


I had a great thanksgiving day. I went hiking at the crack of dawn in a very secluded woods. It was gorgeous. The sun shimmered off all the new snow and my tracks were the first that had been laid down. I love the winter. It does get old after awhile though so I'll enjoy it now and later complain about the slush and the cold. For now Merry Thanksgiving and to every I say eat turkey and pie to your heart's content!!!

Monday, November 22, 2004 went by fast today today. Two videos a project and after that a speech meeting. Speech meeting = lame. Lame = boring + pointless. Listen to Franz.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

The only words that can sum up how I feel right now are-

This is where I'll be so heavenly,so come and dance with me Michael.So sexy, I'm sexy,so come and dance with me Michael. I'm all that you see, you wanna see, so come and dance with me Michael. So close now, so close now,so come and dance with me, so come and dance with me, so come and dance with me Michael, you're the boy with all the leather hips, sticky hair, sticky hips, stubble on my sticky lips. Michael, you're the only one I'd ever want only one I'd ever want only one I'd ever want. Beautiful boys on a beautiful dancefloor. Michael,you're dancing like a beautiful dance whore. Michael,waiting on a silver platter now ... and nothing matters.

...not really.

So yesterday I helped Brems out with another one of his college films he has to shoot for class. It was fun. Jessi and i starred in it. The scene was shot in a stlye of cinematography you can find in Goodfellas in the one scene where the police helicopter is following Henry. The scene is very fast and the camera moves frantically. We adapted the scene a bit and the plot ended up having us running around the house and to a friends house to get videos that were due back at hollywood video. It was fun. I got to do some fun stuff with the car. Not to mention seeing brems hang on to the hood of my car to get a shot or two . That was too good.

OC is starting to scare me. I started writing it this weekend and now I feel the pressure for this to be complete and be good. Have confidence.

Short week this next week. YAY!

Hope nobody dies.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


OC is starting to work out for me. I have got a decent plot idea and my brainstorming is flowing quite well. I can't wait to get this thing going. I hope I do well in OC. I want to strive to do my best.

Josh and I went to Borders tonight. I bought a book I have been itching to buy for quite some time. An actor Prepares by the man Stan himself. I'm reading the whole book tonight. I love it. I wanted to read the whole thing when I took Mr. B's theater class but he only gave us a section from it. It's really thorough and very interesting. It helps point out many problems and how to fix them when it comes to living the part on stage. Stanislavski is what made me want to act. Too bad Mr. B never uses stan's methods of acting for his own shows. I don't get that about him. He teaches all this really good acting technique in his theater arts class but rarely utilizes it for his own shows. He uses some of the more broader principles like creating a moment and eye contact and yadda yadda yadda. But stan goes alot more into the development of character and living the part than just that. Half the problem too is that Mr. B's shows he picks never have characters that can truely utilize this style of acting. For our last show in order for the parts to be performed "right" we had to over act and in a way most of our acting was more method acting than it was living the part.


I can't wait for Limelight.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm almost to the 1000 mark on my hit counter for my blog. It's taken awhile...

All I want for christmas is a large bundel of cash so I can go shop in chicago for scripts. I need to start a collection of scripts. I've been meaning to do this for awhile. I have yet to read Hamlet and plan on doing so soon. Other than that I hate turkey day. Mainly because I'm not for the whole being thankful and coming together as a family. I think that's bull. Like all holidays no matter what the problems in the family are we set them aside for a day or two to celebrate togetherness, eat ham get fat and then sit in front of the tv to watch football. No let's just appreciate each others presence everyday...that's how it should be. Holidays are lame excuses for cards and family get togethers...which I hate. I don't think I am having family over for thanksgiving and for that...I'm thankful. For once I don't have to put up with family trips and relatives sapping the energy out of me when I expect to just be a bum and appreciate the break from school. Like everyone should.

Brems got ahold of me and this saturday he, Jessi and I are going to make a little film that he needs for school. I'm glad to help the old man out.

Jessi, Donovan has a new album out. I'll burn you his new song from the album that I downloaded. It's really sweet and easy going.

Speech I can tell is gonna be quite the endeavor this season. I have no doubt that I will be rushing around trying to gather my shit together the day before speech meet 1, in Nequa. ah I love adrenaline.


pen·e·tra·tion (pen-a-tra-shun)n.
The act or process of piercing or penetrating something, especially:

1. The act of entering a country or organization so as to establish influence or gain information.
2. An attack that penetrates enemy territory or a military front.
3. Insertion of the penis into the vagina or anus.
4. The power or ability to penetrate.
5. The depth reached by a projectile after hitting its target.
6. The degree to which a commodity, for example, is sold or recognized in a particular market.
7. The extent of influence that one culture or nation has on another.
8. The capacity or action of understanding; insight.
I need to get a grip on myself. Alot of things have changed lately in my life. I'm not sure what exactly and to what extent but things seem different. It's scary. I feel different in circumstances that I've usually been able to deal with quite easily. School is great. Speech is exciting. I feel like i'm about to face something big in my life. The anticipation is killing me. I need to slow down really badly. I need a vacation and a new perspective on life. I need a new friend and an old feeling of security, regardless of wether or not is false. I need to find so much but yet despite my position and why i'm even commenting on my feelings eludes even myself...god, that sucks.

Things seem blurry lately. My life is passing so quickly and I feel like i'm being drug behind it. My mind and body ache. Altough, It's more of a numb feeling than it is painful. I think i'm changing. If anyone notices me changing for the worse please let me know. If you comment please don't try to assuage me. I just want you all to promise that if I change for the worse to shine light on the subject and open my eyes because right now I can't quite lay a finger on what's happening to me. I hope it's just a transitional stage in my life. I'm sure it is, but it feels retarded and juvenile and that's what I'm trying to get away from. I almost think moving to Cinncinnatti might have been good for me. I think I've done too much in Oswego and my body isn't used to that. I need to get out.

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with what is going on with me but whenever I sit with my guitar and rattle out some lyrics I can never come out with anything happy or positive. Only deep and lost feeling come out in my writing and singing. Most of it I throw away or forget because I want to abandon that, and yet I still carry it's creator with me. Hmm. Have you ever contemplated the expansion of the universe around us and the constant exchange of chaos that makes our lives out to what they are. It kinda makes you feel intelligent and important abut then as you the thought stagnates in your mind you find it all confusing and you feel so small that you're put right back in your place and with nothing more gained than a wasted hour and a small headache that you know will go away and then be replaced by the same mindless rabble that fills our minds in our everyday life.

Does she like me?
Can I be what I want to be?
what should I have for lunch?
What can I do to help you say what's on your mind?
Why do we act this way?
Why can't I do this?
How will I get through this?
Why am I so lucky?
Or is it fate?
Is there such thing as fate?
I hope so...well at least to a degree.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Sorry for the long wait. I've been bad about updating lately. I guess it's been a mix between not wanting to update about what's gone on lately and the sheer fact that I have very little time in order to. School is in full session now and has plagued me. Homework in my hard classes and falling asleep in my boring classes. Nobody should ever take earth science. It's lame and it literally saps the life out of me. I'm always having to help the people around me...and by help I mean i'm doing all the work for them. I'm the only one despite the amount of times I fall asleep in that class that is passing. IT'S ALL COMMON SENSE YOU FUCKING PRICKS. little grains of sand move fast in fast water and boulders don't move at all in slow here take this and go shove it up your ass at least telling you to do that will actually produce some sort of a result instead of "uhhhh...does pink and yellow make green?"

I'm sure you all know of the whole incident concerning Kyle, myself, and the wheelchair of her late grandmother. I won't go into it here. I would like to post an apology to everyone who was affected negatively by that incident. My actions were childish and my regret is sincere. Things seem better know and I can only hope that nobody's view of myself has changed in any way.

On a lighter note...



Everyone including myself on speech team is psyched. This season is gonna be intense and I intend on focusing alot more this year on speech team than I did last year. I'll be doing HDA and OC...(for all who don't do the speech thing..HDA-Humerous duet acting, OC-Original Comedy). Oh and I refuse to use pez dispensers as a way to show a sign of respect to winning oswego members. I refuse to use the pez dispensers this season...if you agree with me fellow speech members rise up and join with me in the rebellion.

I've also takin' up the trumpet in the past two weeks. I've got clear sounds coming out now but I need some tutoring to learn more scales and refine my abilities where they are now. Anyone up for it?

M Eagle scout project is done! I got that finishes last saturday and the results of hard work and thorough planning have paid off. I'll post some pics later. Look in the newspaper for an article and a photo. I would like to thank everyone for making it out and contributing to the effort. The steps look great and what I had thought would have taken the whole day right up until 5 in the evening was finished at 2 with time to sit back and admire a job well done. PLEASE! go use the hill once we get snow on the groound. I hope the steps make the climb easier!

Hey Fauth! Photo copy me that script for the winter show and mail it to my ass. I also need to know how the winter show is going to affect my schedule...oh while i'm using my post as a messaging service let me tell all who plan on not having much to do during the winter...THE WINTER LIMELIGHT SHOW! DO IT. more info later. I don't know much myself. just wait for the winter parkdistrict catalogues to come in your mail and find out when and where you can sign up for it. I'll hopefully be ass. unpaid director and Diana I think is going to be the ass. paid director and then of course the wonderful anomoly himself Brian.

-that's a pretty good update.

I say R-A

Saturday, October 30, 2004


The show for my cast and myself is over!

Last night's show went really well. Everything flowed very well. The timing was on the physical comedy was great. I had a blast. I won't go into detail of the show's turnout because if you haven't seen it yourself then, well, you suck. ( except for Brian).


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Busy Busy Busy

I've been very busy lately. Rehearsal and school and other things all finding their way to make my day just a little longer and a little stressful. My eagle scout project is coming up soon also. Which, might I add, I need alot of help with. If you aren't busy november 9 please make it out to help me. Any questions about where when and what just post me and I'll get you the info. PLEASE! help me with it.

The show is turning out. We're ready to perform it this week. Oh Aaron is still on the cast so I'll still only be doing wednesday and Friday. :( come see my night.

OOO I ordered the GlenGarry Glen Ross soundtrack at the beginning of this week and yesterday I just got it in the mail. Any GGGR fans want a copy let me know or if you want I can point you in the direction of where to buy it from.

It's so beuatiful out right now. Autumn is my favorite time of the year!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Tonight was GREAT.

Despite me having to perform my part on stage twice as much since my counterpart wasn't there(and may never be there.) Everything went SWELL! Oh and the extra rehearsal time I got was good in it's self. I have the first act down alot better now. Can't say the same for my counterpart Aaron though. I feel bad...even though him quiting is's what I've wanted. If I'm a bastard for that then fine! I think it's great that I would get opening night but the fact that I wouldn't get closing favorite night...with the double casting utterly rips me to pieces. I wouldn't mind at all performing all four nights...I'd prefer it...Sorry there Aaron someone has to be the bastard.

Anyways rehearsal got out late so I had like 1 second to grab a quick bite before Commotion sad gay life. I don't know why I put my self through these things...yeah I do. I love being on stage with great groups of grateful gallants.......sorry the double alliteration is getting to me. yeah so commotion went great. I am sooo proud to be a part of that prestegious group. We are such a tightly nit group. while the lady's were rehearsing by themselves and we were waiting and had gotten fitted for costumes we...(the guys) all decided to run....yeah that's right the thing we all hate most we did...not because stinson or Tieri told us, or becuase we had to, but because we, as a group, wanted to...and as we ran down the empty hallways of OHS we all ran in a big group clapping in time to avery shouting out and followed by us repeating "we are commotion, mighty mighty comotion..."and so on and so forth. I loved it. Vlad, Mike Glenn, And I went off in a group together and started quoting GlenGarry and it led up to me inviting all the guys over to my place this friday to view it so we could all get in on the cunningly timed and obscene writing of sir David Mamet.

One thing that kinda rubbed me the wrong way tonight was the punishment for the showchoir "competition" we had tonight. Our one big group broke down into three groups of 12 and went off and reheasred together for 10 minutes and came back to perform. The winning group out of the three wouldn't have to run next week...ten laps around the school up and down, every step, at every staircase. Everyone went into overdrive mode to do their best. When we all performed it came down that my group did the best...I was very happy at this...but I felt bad because I knew i didn't have to run. Tieri even said we had braggin rights as we watched everyone else run. Now I thought Commotion was a group effort...T and Stinson always refer to that...I think it's wrong for only a section of commotion to run like that. So come next week...Despite the fact that i don't have to...I'm running all 10 laps with everyone, I hope my team follows me and does likewise. Everyone tried so hard and poured themselves into their performance...I would feel bad...If one person does it wrong then we should all suffer those consequences...if we are a group that funtions like that. Only grudges and hate will be evoked by this seperation of who is better and who didn't quite hack it. I know I made a few mistakes throughout our routine too. HEY RIBLETS (my team) lets run too next week. It's only 10 laps...heh...easy, right?

Thanks Alison for pointing out my face!

A shoutout to Clarence our new assistant director for this are so smart and have alot to lend to everyone on stage. I'm glad you're with us this year. You've helped me immensly with understanding my character and helping bring him out of myself more, no kidding.

Aw shit, I have homework...

Come see the show, A Murder Most Foul, at OHS in the auditorium this october 27-30 students-$5 Adults-$6 Alumns-FREE! Please come make my work worth while! The show Is great! I'm positive you'll be rolling around trying to keep your sides from splitting in twain...yeah that's right I said twain.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hey so the past few days I've been feeling a hell of a lot better. Sicknesses suck. I've made a promise with myself to never get sick again...I'll let everyone know how well that goes...

These past few days have been quite nostalgic. I've seen some old friends that I haven't seen for awhile. Brems came into town yesterday and called me up to help him out with a short film for his film class...I won't go into that right now but stop me whenever you see me and ask me to tell you about my wife and how things are going...

Richard Gere and AA were hanging out over at the mexicans pad and so I swung over there and caught up with him and his happenings over at that talented school over in Chi town Illinios.

Last night Brems and I took a trip to Brian's apartment to watch the New York, Boston Ballgame. It was my first time over at the big man's apartment and we had a grand ol' time. We sat watched the game talked about The summer limelight show...which I have this feeling is gonna rock the auditorium...hopefully the OEHS auditorium but meh...I'm SOOO Psyched!

Come see the OHS presentation of Play On : A Murder Most Fowl this october 27-30. 7:00 5 dollas for students 6 dollas for adults free for Alumns

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


You know I'm sick when I watch the presidential debate. All in all I have to say President Bush was leading the debate. Kerry was on the defense way more than Bush. I haven't watched the other two debates but from what I've heard Bush was trampled in the first two. I think that the fact that everyone was watching the baseball game tonight instead of the debate will put Bush at a disadvantage. He should have came on strong earlier if he wanted to make a good stand. Kerry may still look strong after tonight despite the president leading by two points. It's sad that our country would rather watch baseball than watching the debates...But hey what am I complaining about if I wasn't so sick I'd probably have popped in GlenGarry and sat in front of the T.V. in awe of the great cast and excesive swearing.

Wish me better!

Temp: 100.1 and still on medication for the throat pain :(

And,Cue Sickness.

Well today sucked...sorry about this everyone but I'm going into bitch mode. I was diagnosed with strep throat and it's no fun. I definately saw this coming too. I did a self examination just the other day and noticed a small swelling of my throat glands. Today you could mistake my glands for small cattle they're so big. To top off everything I feel so outta touch with the world araound me. I missed taking the PSAT and so I'm gonna have to make that biotch of a test up. I missed commotion last night and it was a big testing day...singing dancing...the whole nine yards and I have to make it all up. Plus it's my second day missing play rehearsal. I was so angry my mom wouldn't let me go today. I can't be missing this much. I'm gonna be soooo screwed once this sickness of mine blows over. Which is hopefully by tomorrow. I can't afford missing anything more!

I promise I won't use my blog to bitch about my colds ever you all wanna hear about my glands...

Monday, October 11, 2004



I just got ripped a new one!

I went to a meeting with the infamous Bob Drawz just a while ago. I presented to him my eagle scout project I knew this meeting was going to be rough but...GOD...I had no idea. I thought i was pretty damn thorough throughout my whole plan but apparently not...anyways...he signed it so after I fix up my plan a bit I can get going and tackle this monster of a project.

Wanna Help?

I'll be handing out flyers. Stop me in the halls at school or run me off the road if you see me driving and tell me to give you a flyer or else you'll axe murder my whole family in broad daylight.


I got commotion tomorrow...that's not gonna be pretty. I'm so not ready. I haven't looked over my music at all...and we have quartets tomorrow! ugh.

If I don't get a decent lunch at school tomorrow I'm gonna kick something in the shin.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Today I got outta school and had a dental appointment to go to before rehearsal started. I had to get a cavity filled and so when I got back I was restricted to using only one side of my mouth. That was fun...and funny to those watching as I slurred all my lines and ended up messing up a small section. I couldn't whistle either. My mouth is fine now and fully capable of chewing, whistling, and making passionate love.

G.G.G.R. GO!

ROMA: All train compartments smell vaguely of shit. It gets so you don't mind it. That's the worst thing that I can confess. You know how long it took me to get there? A long time. When you die you're going to regret the things you don't do. You think you're queer? I'm going to tell you something: we're all queer. You think you're a thief? So what? You get befuddled by a middle-class morality? Get shut of it. Shut it out. You cheated on your wife? You did it, live with it. You fuck little girls, so be it. There's an absolute morality? Maybe. And then what? If you think there is, then be that thing. Bad people go to hell? I don't think so. If you think that, act that way. A hell exists on earth? Yes. I won't live in it. That's me. You ever take a dump made you feel like you'd just slept for twelve hours?

GlenGarry Facts:

The word "fuck" and its derivatives are uttered 137 times.

The word "shit" and its derivatives are uttered 50 times.

Have a fucking nice day!


Just to let you know Brian...ME not posting for 5 days is my form of payback to all the nonposters.


I've been very busy lately.

First off let me explain to you what rocks!

Stronghold rocks.

Stronghold is a medievil style castle that was built by the strong family in 1930. It was built to promote family fun and togetherness...shit no don't go into the tour script.

Anyways. yeah It's a castle that I gave tours with to the public just for giggles and to spend the homecoming weekend with good company and not go to a techno/rap/rave/rape/strobe light/over-rated, homecoming dance.

PLUS! I bought a SWORD! It's a scimitar and if anyone wants to have a watermelon party please invite me. ::Chop::

OH and for all of you people who are out of the loop yes Kyle and I are dating!

OH HAHA and hey GUESS WHAT! Today I think everyone saw Vlad kiss for the first time! YUP VLAD AND SARAH WATTS! Sitting in a tree K-I-s...yeah yeah they're dating too. They were so unaware that they had recipricating feelings and had both come to me for advice. Funny yes. Glad they're both happy? Definately!

Last but not least I'd just like to take this moment to yell at the people in my lunh hour.


I'm sitting in the line for 10 minutes today trying to remain patient while these two mexicana mother fuckers are talking up a PHUCKING storm to the god damn food provider of our fair OHS. NO! BIOTCH! What the hell is that! No not while i'm trying to go about my business. You want to talk to the lunch lady about your day or why you did you' hair a certain way...write them a letter. What the hell is wrong with Americans these days anyway! We don't ever take the time anymore to sit down and write to each other. We rely on the internet and cell phones soooo much that we have basically reduced the mailman to a bill delivering magazine providing tiny ass car driving waste of government expense. Letters contain so much more character and require more consentration and because of that we choose not to write anymore...but really think...just for a second...that is doing ourselves an injustice. We are robbing ourselves of so much by not writing letters to each I intend to fix this. If somebody writes me a letter I promise I will return the favor and hopefully some lucky mail man/lady will feel a sense of fulfillment or however you spell that. Anyway I got music theory to do. Peace out, A town.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'm Sick!...

Sick with the attitude of the blogging community. I go to everybody's blog at least once a day to try and see if people update...every time I'm met with failure. Nobody seems to be updating their blogs anymore. HELL even once a week would be nice. I think I uphold my blogging responsibilities quite well. I just feel so let down when people with blogs don't hold to their responsibilities. It's not too demanding...I think. I dunno maybe i'm an idiot. No, no i'm not, I'm just critical and I like it so...PUH!


Monday, September 27, 2004

I suck at writing.

Today was a day.

I was a student.

I learned some shit.

took some shit.

don't really feel like shit

and so now I sit.

Write in my blog.

nothing to do but dwell on my actions.

and the people and their reactions.

When I'm done.

I turn the lights off.

Throw my jacket in a lump on the floor.

and head for my bedroom door.

Play my guitar.

Sit a stare at the wall.

Crawl relunctantly into bed.

pull up the covers.

and head off into my mind.

I watch and wonder.

I ask it questions.

It answers with a sigh and a bye.

I leave dazed and confused.

Crawl back out through my ear.

Out of bed and into the fray.

There to fight and there to stay.

Till again I find my path back home

and take it torn and tired

to sit and transpire

-Don't do Drugs!
unless it's okay.
then do them and buy a horse.
take it for a run but not to walgreens.
They smoke.
That's unhealthy.
Unless you are a carny.
Then anything you do is unhealthy.
So in that case try using cottonballs.
That is if you want to apply a liquid.
but only if it's clear.
If it isn't it's tar.
If it's tar then it should have been on the road.
Put it there.
With a little time and effort it will be fine.
Here's a dime to use to dine.
Unless you are a mime.
Then you can't go.
If you did you'd be a hipocrit.
not really but it'd be nice to think that for a second.
Only to realize you can't think at all because you are dead.
A wound.
probably some bleeding.
Unless it was due to shock.
In that case you'd have to rely on him.
not you.
Oh you're not a him.
Shut up you blind how can you tell.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Good News- I'm not moving

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Heh yeah so Friday of this last week play rehearesal went well...besides the fact that Mr. Barnes put me in a love cradle....that's right Mr. B was trying to block us through the love scene friday(us being Kyle and myself). While trying to explain the blocking he took it upon himself to take me in his arms and show how the love cradle should be done...yeah kinda akward. But that's theatre for you. It was all in good fun...Jessi almost snapped a picture but didn't get it in time. Sorry...

In other news I still don't know what's up with this whole moving business. I keep asking and poking and proding but I'm getting nothing. I'll make sure everyone knows the deal as soon as I know what's the verdict.

Heh yeah so Friday of this last week play rehearesal went well...besides the fact that Mr. Barnes put me in a love cradle....that's right Mr. B was trying to block us through the love scene friday(us being Kyle and myself). While trying to explain the blocking he took it upon himself to take me in his arms and show how the love cradle should be done...yeah kinda akward. But that's theatre for you. It was all in good fun...Jessi almost snapped a picture but didn't get it in time. Sorry...

In other news I still don't know what's up with this whole moving business. I keep asking and poking and proding but I'm getting nothing. I'll make sure e���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Hey all Joe here agian...not that I'd be anywhere else. hmm maybe Cincinnati?

I think I'm getting over this whole moving thing.

I geuss maybe I don't care. Maybe it's for the best, you know? Maybe this is what I need to push me out into the world. I have been trying to ween myself onto being more independant and find my own way. Hell that is hard when you live in the phucking suburbs. Vlad and I went to dominick's last night after the game and bought ourselves some frappachinos or however you spell that. anyways being the crazy philosipher Vlad is I decided I'd talk to him about my situation. He put alot of light on what I looked over before. I could very well find a place to fit myself in out there.

I hope that whatever the dicision of my father is, spells only good for me. Humans are always afraid of change...and yet we are the only beings that consciously bring on and cause change...all the time! I'm starting to actually want to move. It's kinda dumb how quick I've changed my mind I geuss but if I don't change my mind I'll only keep beating myself up about it. I don't need that.

The only part of me that is still stubborn is knowing that I'll be leaving all my good friends. I'll always regret that but I also have to accept that I could very well find a group or a few individuals elsewhere that I'll fit in quite well with.

Shit, this is all given the fact that my dad gets the job in the first place. He's still gotta do an interview for it if...he does choose to do it. And yet...if he did go for the interview I'm pretty sure he'd do it's all up to time now.

On a brighter note I purchased a great cd today that I'd recommend anyone and everyone to purchase. Jamie Cullum's album Twenty Something. RGJ really good jazz. I love it. It's smooth and violent at the same time. Jamie has a kick ass voice! He can sing high enough to get me on my feet while he's scatting, and then drop everything too a sultry smooth bass that makes a chill run up and down and sideways across your spine.

Jazz is my new genre of choice. I love how smooth it is. classic rock,great. punk rock when the moment calls for the repitition, okay. but Jazz just subdues my body, mind and soul. which I need alot of lately. I need some advice on things to buy...know any good jazz? tell me please.

OH! by the way anyone interested in reading my new script I ordered over the web, Yes Mamet, let me know. It really only appeals to Mamet freaks though so...only if you talk in meter and swear everyother sentence. It's a good laugh though.

If you want happiness for an hour – take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day – go fishing.
If you want happiness for a month – get married.
If you want happiness for a year – inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime – help someone else.

-Chinese proverb

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Big news all.

Last night something caught me totally by dad.
Thing is...I might be moving. He asked me to sit down on the couch and layed it all in front of me...Joe Griffin might soon be living in Cincinnatti...shit how much is that gonna suck I can't even spell it right.

I'm super pissed at my family life right now. I'm always like that. I can get so angry and pissy at home but when I come to school I hide it for the most part. I think that's a good thing because I wouldn't want to seem like a pissy bitch at school but it's getting harder for me to surpress my feelings when something like this hits home and affects my WHOLE social life.

here is what I've come up with on what I'd be gaining by moving:

1-New school so clean slate with teachers(thing is I don't need one)
2-Financially sound household(but I'd leave the house in a year anyway)
3-possibility of new friends and experiences
4-New home(again I'd leave it in a year)
5-School? I dunno. I dunno how schools in the cinci-whatever area are.

things I'd lose or give up:

1 -School- where I'm comfortable with learning and where I have a good footing in the drama department(which might I add is my best vent. I live for theater. any aspect of it. Limelight theater is what brought me out of a huge depression when I was younger and moving around because of my dad's job.WAH oh yeah that's right this is a repeat of what went on during most of my early years.let me see born in Kansas moved to florida then to virginia, then to wisconsin, then to Illinois. I still remember the day my parents promised me whe we first moved here that we would stay here for good at least till I moved out.well the government goes back on alot of their promises what would make you think that the people would have this same dirty habit.)
2-Social life- NOt that it's much of one j/k. I want all my friends out there reading my blog to know right now that I love every single one of you. I'm so humbled that I have as many friends as I do and as good as I do. Without you all I'd be a gothic subjugate, slitting my wrists and pucking my guts out to every grief and problem I am faced with. I can hate my family so much at times but when I go to school to you all where you welcome me with open arms and I don't have to worry about anything because you'll listen and hug me and make me laugh and you make me cry when I go to sleep thinking that I might have to leave you all early. I know someday I'll leave you all but that time shouldn't be now...I'm not ready.
3-The City- I love Chicago. I want to go to school there and I want to live there. I've made that decision in my mind for some time now. I'm torn that I'd have to leave my surroundings.

I don't even want to think of everything else I'm leaving if I end up doing this. It's too hard for me right now.

Lately I've been crying about everything. I feel like this horrible emotional lump of stupidity. I've cried about things so stupid that It makes me just cry more. One night I was talking to Sarah about the drama dept. at OHS and she pointed out alot of things that would be lacking this year (senior actors and really potential young actors as examples.) I started thinking about it all and I went to my room to try and sleep on it but I just started bawling uncontrolably. I felt so stupid but I felt so alive. As much as I hate crying I love it...I feel SO alive when I cry. I think it's the purest and most profound reaction to an emotion. even the euphoric feeling after sex doeesn't beat feeling drained of your tears and being left with that strange feeling in the back of your head from shouting at the world in your head for being so screwed up to you all the time.

So I didn't say much about my whole postition on leaving to my parents last night but I slept on it and thought about it all day while noticing all my friends and when I got home today and my dad came home i waited for my mom to put the younger ones to bed and I tried telling my dad how I felt about the whole idea(and communicating with my dad is like trying to shove a piece of rebar up your asshole and out your bellybutton-uncomfortable and painful). All I got from my dad was that "it's not your decision to make so just let me think about it." Which I TOTALLY blew up about. BULLSHIT MAN! I'm part of this family and as long as that's true my opinion is as just as valid as your own and Moms and Andrew's and Ryan's. I made the mistake of "raising my voice" and "giving him a tone" and so we got in one of many of our fights. AGH! HELP! I just need someone to hold onto because everything hurts right now. my head and my body. I haven't slept well lately. I never fall asleep in classes but yesterday I totally went off into lala land and woke up finding I had homework that I wasn't aware of being assigned.

I can't explain this empty feeling in my gut right's so devestating and I feel as though I have no control over it. Really and truthfully I don't. I can come to terms with that. I can also come to terms with leaving if that comes to be...but I will fight and cry and hurt until I reach a stable ground where I can collect myself and take up my sword and smile on to be eager and ready to fight the oncoming day with my smile leading the way. Right now that smile eludes me and is instead replaced by a facade that hides my true state of being. I hope I find my way soon or find that his whole thing is just another bump in the road that leads to my own demise. Funny how we strive so hard every day when innevitably our path ends and times move on and so do people. I can only hope that through my life travels I can leave a little of myself behind for someone to pick up and use to their own advantage. Chances of that have me tear up too.

I promise to keep everyone updated on the condition of my condition as things move along. There is still a fighting chance and I'm fighting it with all my powers. please cheer for me. I love you all so dearly, so so dearly. I say this with all sincerety. I don't know what i'd do without you all, my friends, my mentors, my role models, and my partners in crime.

Sincerely with love,
Joseph Griffin

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Good news all. Some body found my wallet! Yay...oh but they took all the money in it...$20...oh well...lesson learned.

Busy Busy day today.

Scool: I just kinda chugged through anxious to get to my extra...I mean Co-curricular activities after school. School has been so slow lately. Fourth block we had a sub who just up and left halfway through class and never came back. oh well I got a nice nap before play rehearsal.

Play On Rehearsal: ROCKED. I love the script! It's very good. The humor has me splitting sides just reading the pages. Just wait till we put actions and vocalize everything. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this play in progress.

Ate at Jimmy John's. not bad I liked it. I got the JJBLT. pretty good, but gave me bad breath. I had a mint though so that problem got tackled pretty fast.

Commotion: Ran five laps round the school...I'm getting better. I've never felt better about running. I'm so happy. The show is finally coming together now. I wasn't sure how things would exactly fall into place but now I feel very comfortable with the group and what we're capable of accomplishing...which is alot. Despite my disablity at dancing I'm getting the steps down and the songs are so much fun. My favourite being "With You" the ballad from the musical "Pippin".

Well well well.

I'm quite exhausted from today and so I say adieu and adios.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Chicago Chicago!

I love the city too much. Yesterday Jessi And I took a trip to chicago to visit our good old friend Gunnar and kinda mingle about the city. When we first arrived at the train station in Aurora we found much to our surprise that half of the parking lot was set aside for a wonderful little fair. After parking I heard something that sounded like music and after leaving the car and walking a few paces towards the fair we found a trio of performers playing old 40's sounding fair music...Tuba,Banjo!,and Trumpet!!. To cut things short we were there early so we grabbed a smootie some mini doughnuts and listened to the music.

Train came we found our seats and headed off for the city.

When we arrived we found Gunnar standing next to his bike with his trademark army fatigues on and his police hat hanging from the handlebars of his womans $25 bike. After some talking, and a firm handshake/hug we got a bite to eat and sat outside of the train station catching up.

Now I love the city for it's tall buildings and the noises and all the stores and restaurants but I mostly love the people in Chicago. We were sitting outside eating when all of a sudden a black homeless person came rambling over to our general direction while shouting "MOTHER FUCKER!" and "SON OF A BITCH!" and then going into some type of conversation mostly under his breath about something that apparently disturbed the poor homeless person. I felt bad for him but I was also scared by him because he began ranting about wanting to kill someone. So we just kinda stood still and after he left we grabbed up our things and headed for Gunnar's apartement.

Nice place gunnar! It's small but very neat. His Kitchen/Living room had all his amps guitars and recording devices set up against the walls. I got a chance to meet his roomate of which I've heard of and got to see his room and how he's turned it into his home away from home.

We played some guitar and then headed out to see the town. First stop ... the beach that reeked of ass. Till yesterday I never knew that Chicago had a beach or could even be capable of having one. Truthfully though it was pretty nasty. There was a huge pile of shit on the sand and it pretty much made me want to vomit.

After the beach we headed out to the "L" and took the sub-train all the way up to wrigleyville where we got off and went thrifting at a pair of thriftstores.

Again I love people in Chicago...

Right before entering the thrift store a man walking out with a smug little grin on his face saw gunnar and noticed his hair tied up in back and stopped to say "JESUS LOVES YOU!" and then went about his business of spreading the word to all long haired semi jesus looking freaks that jesus loves you.

Then while in the store I was trying on some jackets, specifically a really nice Members Only jacket, when I saw an old asian man walking down the aisle. At first it was nothing, two strangers passing each other and going about their business. Things took a change for the wierd very quickly though. The old asian man passed behind me while I was looking at a jacket and I heard him mumble almost inaudibly "Beutiful."...I was'nt sure what to do so when the man was gone I got gunnar's attention and told him what happened and we decided to just shrug it off and go about our business. I decided to go around the store to some different sections and kinda look around. I noticed at this point that the old asian man was following me around, but at a distance. He never got too close. Just before we were leaving I was putting a coat back on the rack when the man came around the corner to also hang a coat up. I was kinda put in an akward situation so I grabbed another coat and began looking at it. The man did this also. I was looking at the coat and inching myself away when he leaned over to me and said quite plainly "You look beutiful in everything." ...........thank you...thank you old creepy asian man who should look into a nice corrections facility. thank you, and here' my wallet. I left that store faster than anything after that little ordeal. I payed my $6 for my Member's Only jacket and I left that store with no intent of ever returning.

Still It made my day.
At least I'm beutiful in the eyes of someone...
I take that back it's a good story that I'll take with me forever but the fact that I think I turned that man on by simply trying on jackets kinda scars me for life.

When we got back to Gunnar's part of town we ate at a very nice chinese restaurant and went back to his apartement to watch Dave Matthews and chill out after a long day of walking and talking and just having a great time.

Now brace yourselve for this. The train home was quite the life lesson for Jessi and I.

We bid farewell to gunnar around 10. We got on the train and with all our energy drained and our minds turned to mush we slumped down on the train seats and found random things to talk about and sung a few songs. Time went by and we finally arrived to our stop. We got our things and jumped off the train and headed down a ramp hopefully leading to the main train station area. right as we finally woke up and noticed that we were off at a wrong stop we heard the train go by aboce us and head to where we should've been.


Jessi went into a fit about how she could've made this mistake but thruth was I was the one who made the mistake of saying "well here we are.". Jessi called home and told her parents of out fatal mistake and checked the scheule and told her we'd catch the next train out...which was the 12:40...that was about an hour from the current time and we felt absolutly devestated. We had time to burn and nobody but us were there. We bought a newspaper and read movie reviews but that only took 10 minutes and then we were there with nothng to do. We sat and waited and waited and sat. talked and waited and waited and sat. AH! 12:40...and no train...shit...Jessi ! you GOOF you looked at the SUNDAY schedule! We both called home again and then with all energy lost and all will to live gone we jumped on the tracks as a passing freight train went by we wrote a song. We were so embarrased and yet inspired my the mistake we made so we're writing a song about the whole incident. That ate up time like nothing and finally at 1:43 the last train out stopped in and we took for home!

I was really losing it by this time. zoning in zoning out. I got off the train and Jessi drove me home and as soon as I arrived to my doorstep I noticed a lack of a bulge in my back pocket. oh shit. I left my wallet on the train...So if anybody has family that works for metra...hehe yeah so I can't drive for the time being as I don't have my license. I tried calling the station but the office is closed and the number for lost and found they gave me is diconnected for some ungodly reason.

Well my weekend was great.

I made the show...I'm Billy...don't ask.

If you find my wallet please give it back I'll give you all the money left in it.

Oh Diana! Could you please bring my cell phone to school tomorrow?

Till next time ...Jesus Loves You!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hello Erebody!

Today was tryouts for the Fall play at OHS! The show so far is kinda how Nic Nic was last year though...I'm a bit worried...Nobody has heard of it. Oh yeah the show is:

Play On . . . A Murder Most Fowl.


So buckle up and hold on for the ride. Nobody knows what's to come. I think I did Pretty well with auditions today. I was really confident and very phsyched. My goal is to in some way inspire someone younger in the drama program. Adrian Aguilar did that for me and the least I could do is while making my strive to do my best hopefully rub some of myself off on someone else. Let's see how these newbies are...alot of potential...alot of blind trust...LET'S DO IT!

Oh btw ... My cd is done. Want it? Just send me a picture of your favourite pair of tennis shoes and I'll make sure that you get your free copy. To send me your pics send them to... 240 Foxchase Dr. N. Oswego Illinois 60543.

Going to see my man Gunnar this weekend. Jessi V. and myself are heading for Chi town via train to see how the good ol' boy is fairin' in his 17th floor apartment decked out with tons of recording equipment and enough instruments to start 4 bands and still have an extra guitar for each guitarist. I LOVE THE CITY!

Please take me away from this suburban hell!

farewell and until next time keep Michael Flatley in your "prayers". Who truely is...Lord of The Dance

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hey all this is Joe here just telling everyone that I am currently working away at making that cd I promised everyone to make. Since the votes were few and split into two different genres evenly I'm proud to announce that the cd will be a driving cd that has a love theme. Feel free to use this cd to chug along the road with that special someone. I'll post again when it's complete.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Countdown Biotch!

Well well well.

Day one down...harmless. Bring on the full days!
only 173 days left.(that is school days, weekends and holidays excluded)

Today I was sitting down in my homeroom when I noticed immediatly why I hate being in the class of 2006. The kids in my graduating class are all so different from me. I truthfully have very few friends at school that are in the same grade as me. Most of my friends are either a year younger than me or a year or two older than me. I can't stand some of the kids in my grade. I could go on explaining quite a few of the ignorant and idiotic kids in my grade but for the sake of my own well being I'll just say that if you're in my grade and you are acting like a total jag-off then I probably don't hold you in the highest esteem. I dunno maybe i'm just to judgemenal and doubt it...


Religion...My opinion on the whole....wait I have blogged about religion before. Nevermind this talk is unnecessary. If you really want to, go to my old Xanga blog and dig it up. I'm way too lazy to complain about my problems with religion...Yay God! amen.

In other news if you have a bad cold or a irritating dry patch on your elbow then may I suggest decorating a small llama fetus with candy and then burning it while chanting random utterances and waving your hands about and then to top it all of have a nice glass of your own piss to cleanse the body and mind of all never mind I've seen too much watching the discovery channel at Alex's house today. Drinking piss especially your own is wrong. And the fact that purchasing a fucking llama fetus is possible makes me want to vomit. No! Bad shaman. Don't drink piss...that's not cool...

Another drink that isn't cool to drink is pitch black mountain dew. I think there is a point, despite the need for more sales, where you need to draw the line and say 'you know what, Right here is where we should stop and just let things run themselves.' But no "hey guys I know we have regular and code red and even livewire(Which by the way tastes just like orange freezepop juice before it's frozen) but lets make another one that tastes like black cherry.' Good Idea at first until the fatal mistake of making it taste like shit settled in and festered like a bit of cancer hanging of you tongue. Bad mountain dew. Besides everyone should drink more water so they don't get kidney stones or get dehydrated. Actually i'm just saying this all because i'm pissed that I have two cavaties despite the brushing and flossing I do on a daily basis. Damn you carbonated beverage!

tomorrow SEX!

Oh hey by the way I'm trying to decide on what to make my new cd compilation of. Here are your choices. Let me know what you want and when the compilation is finished I'll make sure everyone who wants a copy gets a copy.
Choices are:
A)Driving music
B)Theme songs
D)Easy listening

God damn, school is setting in already isn't it!

Live Long and Prosper! :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Brace Yourselves! We're about to enter...The School Zone!

Damn! I am SO Ready for school. Look at me going to sleep at a reasonable hour to wake up at a reasonable time to go to a place of knowledge and challenge, wisdom and learning, bad lunch menues and doorless bathroom stalls...AH nothing could get better. What more could you ask for...more parking? no screw that. Anyways, school, are you ready? I know I am.

SEX and religion tomorrow!

Till then try balancing spoons on your nose.



Politics....let's talk politics. I feel like my blog is lacking that which other blogs and most peoples' lives thrive upon. I haven't talked politics, sex, or religion.

Truthfully politics scare me. I feel everything has been blown out of proportion. Instead of saying here is who I am and here is what I'll do for the people everyone seems to be playing the blame game. Doing research into opposing candidates lives to find dirt on them, when what they really should be doing is trying to look forward and promise more ahead. Although I'm saying this with very little research myself. So I mean if I'm saying something here that's totally blindsighted or ignorant totally rip me a new one. I can't stand what politics has made itself to be these days. All the catch phrases and flashy campaigns. I have a friend who gets himself so worked up into politics that it's taken over his life...We have nothing to talk about nowadays. All his radio presets are politic propaganda talk shows and all the books he reads are all a bunch of wasted trees. It'snot like he can even vote! He's my age. Maybe I'm what's wrong here maybe i'm the one who should be holding up the Kerry or Bush sign...but truthfully...I could care less. They both seem pretty bad to me. And not that i'm taking sides but I'd much rather keep the idiot in office right now than putting in a brand new idiot. Well here you go people convince me to sway to one side or the other. As for now...I'm gonna go contemplate those two other subjects I've yet to address in my blog...SEX and Religion.

Peace :)

Listen to Steely Dan!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Kill Bill Vol.1 Good, Kill Bill Vol. 2 even better. Tarantino - God of all action movies
Anyone wanna go see Hero?

Sunday, August 22, 2004


I'm back from my short notice vacation. I apologize for not warning everyone that I was leaving but we decided to leave a day earlier. My family and I went up to a cabin in northern Wisconsin. A town called Elcho. We stayed in a cabin next to a small lake called post lake. I wasn't so keen on the whole camping out idea of vacation giving the fact that I had scout camp earlier this summer. The cabin made things better I guess.

I found a lot of things to keep my self preoccupied. Brems and I are working jointly on a script so I brought up my laptop and shot out a few pages of ideas and when I wasn't doing that I worked on writing some songs. I was inspired by the lake and the wind as the sun set one afternoon and came up with a cool jazzy kinda bit. It's still being worked on. The fam and I went to Lake Superior and collected rocks and chilled out on the beach side. My dad is a horrible photographer so I took responsibility of most of the photo taking.

Here is a photo I took while passing through a small town in way upper Wisconsin. I had a pretty good chuckle over this and if you don't then well...You're an inbred redheaded step child that has been thrown down the stairs two too many times, only to find that the ground at the bottom is filled with tacks and other sharp pointy objects that puncture and rip and make things bleed.

Now I didn't get a picture of it but there was an even more hysterical sign in this very small town of Watersmeet. Now Watersmeet has a highschool and for that far north that's something special in a town that small. But that's besides the fact. Anyway, now this highschool has taken it upon themselves to claim and make their school mascot...The NIMRODS! If any of you are avid Leno cricket...I do believe that they actually took a snapshot of the same sign I saw and had quite the chuckle over it. Just be glad Oswego has a cool mascot like the panthers because if I went to a school and I went to football games to cheer on nimrods I would be utterly out of my mind.

In more close to home news I had commotion today. It went well. We decided to have a little surprise engagement party thrown for Mr. Stinsin. The surprise factor of the party failed after waiting in the choir room for about 17 minutes in a choreographed starburst arrangement. After awhile we kinda lost interest but in the end and two failed attempts we finally got the two marriage mates in the choir room and yelled congrats and happy Kwanza.

HEY HEY I got my cool Bonfire t-shirt today! I have to admit they are pretty spiffy...Although I do have one complaint...The quotes on the back are great but...None of which are mine. I was initially sad at this fact but after my mommy purchased a lollipop and a twirlybob hat for me I was very elated despite the absence of any of my character's quotes on the back of my t-shirt. ::sigh:: I sure do miss Greg.

HEY! Going to the mall tomorrow anyone interested call my cell and I'll arrange a pick up for you. We're going to stop by the Katmantan. Which, by the way, I not to long ago purchased a very nice and very warm hand knit jacket from Nepal. SWEET! (sudden change in emotion) OH SHIT, which then brings me to a very sad fact. Katmantan is under new management and my dear friend Umez has departed for Texas. :( I will always remember with what grace he did upkeep that store. Oh god and the new manager is WEEEIRD! I wanted to try some pants on and they let me go in back and when I was walking through the back of the store there was this young Indian woman sitting on a carpet of some sort rolled up into the fetal position. I was startled at first but decided it was best to just keep on going and pretend I hadn't seen her. I felt bad afterwards because she seemed to be a little perturbed by me walking past her. She was very stoic and just stared into nothingness. Poor thing.

AND...Picture of the day-

Extreme thumbs up to all of you from my brother! PEACE!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Just checked my receipt and the name of the place is Katmantan!


I was a little bored today so I met up with my friend Sarah Watts and we drove over to the mall to shoot the shit. I wanted to go to FYE and see if they had the new Kings of Convenience cd Riot In An Empty Street...but they didn't...whores. Sarah has had this crazy hankerin' to go visit india and the area around it for quite some time and she remembered a store there which...I forget the name...sarah you read my blog what was the name of that place? Anyways this place had rare imported statues and clothes and bangles and jewelry from Nepal and places near it. We met the store owner who explained everything to us and was very fluent in english. I've made a new friend now and his name is Umez. I'll have to get a big group of people and we'll all go visit him sometime. He's 22 and has only just recently lived here but he's really neat and I bought a cd with some sitar music on it...sweet! I'm telling you people this place is so culturally rich. I'm sorry it's placed in the mall in a horrible barely notice it. Sarah if I missed anyhthing let me know.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Crash & Burn
Well was bound to happen someday. Last night Alison and I drove into Naperville to get dinner. I was pulling into the parking garage when the person in front of me stopped so he could get a parking place on the first floor. Now this person in front of me was driving a Lexus and when she started backing up I was afraid she was going to hit me. I mean we were almost bumper to bumper as it was and when I saw her backing up I did too, to prevent myself from getting nailed. So then the lady behind me doesn't see what's going on and I back up into her.

Things going through my head at that moment:

3.Damn car alarm!
4.Shit I just hit a BMW!
5.wonder where we're going to eat.
6.SHIT put it in forward go go go!

So after the bastard in front of me gets his/her parking place I proceed to the only parking left. Floor 5. Now at this point I'm thinking... wow, what, how does that work out. I don't want to get in an accident with a lexus but instead I get in an accident with a BMW! My phucking luck. Actually... I was pretty damn lucky. When I confronted the lady about her car she said it was no big deal and said it would just end up costing more through insurance.

Well I was relieved.

Although there was probably more damage to my car...well my dad's car...than hers. I just bent up her license plate a little. My car had lost some paint. Hopefully my dad doesn't notice...

Dinner was nice. We decided to go to the Bangkok Village. Good food but only try the green soda if you're curious about how old womans perfume tastes like. Alison has come to the conclusion that it tastes like that...and well.. It does. Makes you wonder how they go about getting that flavour...well it makes me wonder at least.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Just reminding everyone to vote in my mini poll located on the right column of my site here. Only one vote per person, lets not poll-ute the poll.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


So I'm in my room listening to some music as I do everyday and my mom and my brother leave for his violin lessons. I take a late shower and by the time I finally descend my stairs it's almost 11. At the bottom of the stairs is my trusty dog bandit waiting for me...but wait why isn't he hyper? why isn't he jumping on me and instinctivly jabbing me with his fore paws in my man land? AH! that's why. I turn the corner and the trash bag from the day before is ripped open and all it's contents are dumped on the floor. BAD DOG! ah and now he comes by me seeking sympathy. He's cute but not that cute.


Trying a new blog template so bear with me till it's up.

Monday, August 02, 2004


Hey Hey everyone! Joe here again. DCI rocked! Emily, Lianna, Becky, Alex, Alison, and I all went to see the wonderful work the DCI put on at NCC. I was blown away! All the corps were well orchestrated and the show was quite exciting. When The Cavaliers came on with all their 007 arrangements I was pretty psyched. Except for one arrangement that included some deep messages conveyed by a person on mic I was impressed by all the shows.

Em if you're out there those flags were deseased, I asked them afterwards they couldn't help the spots.

Well I'm here writing in my blog at a time I usually wouldn't. That's because commotion is canceled today. boo. Well I kinda expected as much given the fact that half of commotion wouldn't make it because of band practice from nine to nine...Ugh. Good luck banders!

I've lately been helping a friend of mine out with his eagle scout project. It's almost done but it's been a long painful road to get where we are with it. We are putting in posts in by Harris Hill forest preserve to make a sort of railing for sledders. I have so far wrecked both my shoulders from carrying large posts and my hands are torn up from tamping cement. Not Phun!

Which reminds me I'll soon be starting my eagle scout project which works in conjunction with my friends project. I'll be making the stairs that go in between the railing...easier said than done. I'm gonna need help so I'll keep you all informed and when my project comes around help would be much appreciated. My project shouldn't be as hard as putting in the railing but i'm gonna need alot of people. Please help!

Well i'm going to return some cds I've burnt back to to the library and then go running to make up for not having commotion today.

July had two full moons this year

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hello  and welcome to my(Joseph C. Griffin) blog.  Today our topic of discussion will be the presidential candidates and their favourite sex toys....

meh forget about that who wants to talk about george and his bush buddies.  Lets talk business here.  I just recently got my Driver's license and to me that grants much freedom.  Today I drove over to an old friends and watched him play guitar and then made a bee-line ------ to the downtown Oswego area where I did whatever the hell I wanted to do because I drove there.  I went to antique stores, acted suspicious hid behind things and made sure the owner was looking and then with my hand in my jacket booked out the door and down the street to my car.  No I never stole anything but I sure as hell looked like it. 

I have also made myself a promise to pay back anyone and everyone who has bussed me around in the worries I'm really good.  I passed my test with flying colours.

And now I would like to address everyone who is a current DAS member to give me a call regarding the plans for our especiale group of preformers.  Plan to attend a meeting soon because we have a gorgeous place to act at now.  If you need my number then email me and send me a picture of your favourite pair of shoes and I'll give you my number.

Till next we meet.

P.S.-Brian, how do i get pictures up in my blog I'm getting a bit peeved!

Monday, July 26, 2004


Greetings Lads and Lasses!

Estoy aqui

I'm back from camp and returning to a somewhat normal life.  Camp was long and pointless.  My boyscout troop  set off for Camp Freeland Leslie a week ago.  To start the whole trip off we went to Noahs ark and rampaged all over the park for the whole first day of our excursion.  When we finally got to our camp later that same day we were psyched and ready for a week of classes and sailing and just bullshittin' around.  About halfway through the week I was really itchy from my semi beard that had grown in and I felt like filth despite the two showers I took a day.  At the end of the week my hair was greasy my face looked that of a 30  year old who had just lost his job and accidentally wandered off into a local bar and had two too many drinks.  I was in a confused daze and for me packing up the site and folding up the tents was abuse like I'd never received.  The fact that I was the oldest kid there and my best company was Jimmy Marter I was about to strangle the younger kids...Oh I'm sorry I mean the younger mistakes! 

The day I got back Alison and I rented some movies and watched them at her place.  I felt all sanity return to me.   Je t'aime Alison!

Amalie is a great movie.  I hadn't seen it but had heard much talk of how wonderful the movie was and I have to admit...I liked it...  So for any of you lazy asses out there who have not yet seen it go now and rent it...If you don't have a blockbuster card steal...I mean borrow your parent's card and go rent Amelie!

I decided to rent a movie I had wanted to see for quite some time...The Triplets of Belleville!  If you are the type who likes twisted French cartoon movies this is a movie I would come up to you and say,"Hey, you need to rent this."  You of course the sick twisted person you are would say ," Hah!  You are Silly!"  and then you would go rent it and find that even though there isn't even one complete sentence uttered during the whole movie you would say something like,"  Cool."

Well hey!  I've been gone for a whole week so I expect to get updates from everyone.

Live long and prosper!
Longs de phase et prospèrent!
cacoon cacoon

Saturday, July 17, 2004


HEY EVERYBODY! i'm sorry about the short notice but i just got to blogging right now, now being at 1 in the morning and i just wanted to let my adoring readers know why in the next week I'll be absent of posts...I'm off to summer camp....( :( ) I'll be back sunday.

ooo ooo quick I saw anchorman and yes it is HI-larious. "I love lamp."

Alison...I miss you.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


couple hours left till i acompany Bremsy to Michigan to visit the Veverkas. I am gonna be tired! wish me well bye.:(

Your fly is open!

yep i was just chatting on the computer when i happened to stare down towards my croch and noticed that my fly was down...yep...


Hello Feeble public...Today i Joseph Charles....yes yes that's my middle name come on get past it now....hur hem...I joseph Charles Griffin performed the task of which every man is expected to and proud to preform...I mowed the lawn...::cricket,cricket:: thank you ::bow left,bow right, bow center,close curtain::

In other news I got reaLLY drunk and wasted and went running through the streets on stilts. not really but it was my little bro's b-day. not to be confused with D-day. Which, might I add, was probably our nations most remembered date this then I went with gunnar and mo to get a pie at baker's field...I think..anyway we left without leaving a tip and after disturbing everyone within a 100 foot radius...basically the whole restaurant...well it's not that big but lets just say that if you were in that restaurant ...which it really isn't it's more of a pie would be very disturbed. On the drive back I saw flippy...and hey quick question it phlippy or flippy? anyway we saw him driving next to us I flashed him the shocker and he followed me home. When we got there played some grab ass ate some of the candy they had purchased from meijer and bid them all fair well.

I'm happy and i've found a new character BUY!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Hey peeps! another dull boring day. I cleaned my room today...yeah that's bad for me. I usually make a mess of it on a daily basis, cleaning it is totally out of character.

summer camp is coming soon. I gotta start packing...meh i'll get to it eventually.

I called Alison tonight and we talked for an hour. I can't believe how bad I miss her now that things for us just started off. I hope i'm not acting childish. I have just had a great time with her and i'm soooo anxious to continue. well patience is a virtue.

Monday, July 12, 2004

My grandpa's made!

Yep! The rumors are true my grandpa is a made man!!!!...Well he's made in a sense that he's a made monk. Yep my grandpa, after 5 years of rookieism has now been fully inducted into the monastery of Peru Illinois. Pretty cool but pretty boring. I can't stand too much of my extended family so staying over night was only for the worse.

Well Alison is gone for two weeks and I'm gonna be gone in a week so I'm hoping by the time she's back I'm back.

Other than that I'm pretty set for the next week or so to just blow by...yep that would work out great...but no that would be too good to ask for...

I'm bored somebody call me and tickle my fancy! - 272-7840


Friday, July 09, 2004


Just got back from a wonderful date and decided I can't sleep...So I blog.

Sushi Is soo good I need to make a note to get out and eat at the Sushi House more often. I would advise any couples out there to go there. It's perfect for a date. I think tonight was the best first date ever it went really well. Ugh I can't sum up in words how good I feel tonight!

being that it is now 1 o'clock I will announce that TODAY I will be purchasing a CANE later tonight. Yes that's right a cane and I'm gonna be damn proud to own it too. While all you none cane types walk around falling all over the place I'm gonna be traipsing around like a dandy! So haha.

Today I will leave with my first dandy comment to you all...quick get ready this is a moment.

"I'd buy that for a dollar!"

(inside joke sorry folks)

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Wey tell you what i did yesteday...Iwent to six flags great America. Yup!

Jessi,Sean,Alex,Gear,Drinkall,and Myself went to go see our good Mexican preform on stage for the magic show and, dance & sing in the Jumpin' Jammin" Jubilee parade which ended a crzy day of roller coaster riding mixed with scattered rain. In the end I can say two things...1.I rode the ragin' Bull and 2. That mexican preformer there is my comrade.

Adrian if you're out there, you did great! keep up the great work!

Monday, July 05, 2004


My life has finally come to a pause.
I can actually relax and not worry about homework or putting on a show.
Showchoir is there for me now but we're still early in the process of that and we only meet on Mondays...Today is a Monday!

today I went to commotion and was still half asleep and definitely not mentally or physically prepared for it. We ran three laps around the track after stretching and that woke me up. To tell you the truth that is one of the main reasons I joined Commotion. It gives me a reason to run and that's what I need otherwise I'm in the bad habit of not staying healthy. Hopefully I can lose some weight here in the process and tone up my muscles. YAY!
When It came time for us to sing he brought us up in quartets and I was picked in the third quartet and it was very apparent that I didn't look at the music at all...
Needless to say I was quite embarrassed. We did get two new songs and I was quite pleased with them. One is from the musical Pippen which I have yet to see but have heard a lot from and one was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and performed by Earth Wind and Fire.

I have a new, old Latin saying I want to base my life on It's Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem is a Latin expression meaning "seize the day". The saying is attributed to the Roman poet Horace (65 B.C. to 8 A.D.). Carpe Diem is probably the shortest and best known formulation of the idea of viewing life as a gift and making one's own fate. It is the challenge to recognize the prospects of the now, make the best out of every day and consciously enjoy the moment.

So to all of you out there I say Carpe Diem and good night!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Friday, July 02, 2004

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Well I just got back from guitar practice where I learned more arpeggios and now I will update you all on the bonfire.

Last night opening night went fantastic. I think only one technical problem occured with a microphone and our beloved krillian the cd Villain but that should be fixed for the next two nights.

Other than that everything went smooth. I'm still waiting for a certain someone to come to the performance and find a certain something umm selfpleasing? i think Mr. Fauth will connect with me on this gratifying point. ::moo::

OOO I'd like to give some props out to Mr. Bennet(please let that spelling be right!) who at the last second...and i mean last second decided to help us out and play the part of Steve. He came on the stage the opening night we ran the scenes before the crowd came and he went on the same night and he performed the part...Mr B (not barnes) You are THE man! Your daughter should be proud of you...that is if she already isn't but i'm sure she is.

tonight i'm expecting the crowd to be a little more responsive...yeah that's right. last nights crowd was good....just a little slow at times...that's alright you can make it up to me by seeing the show again!

well other than that ...oh hey announcement!! I've got a new brother! yep my surrogate parents have birthed me a new one and i'm proud to announce that Eric Swanson is my surrogate brother!

yeah other than all that stuff I'm just anxious to get it on tonight




eww if you take the first letters of those three words you get GWC which boy did i have quite the experience there.(ask me later about that story it's something i can't post)

see ya bye!

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Well I'm back and writing all thanks to my rave reviews...Brian...Diana.

Well I've kinda slacked off lately and know The Bonfire is here. Yes that's right I'm typing this a couple of hours before the show. For any latecomers it's at Bednarcik(I think that's spelled right) at 7:00 and the admission fee is $5. I have to admit this is gonna be a great show. I can only hope that our gnarly posters and incessant chants will reach out to all the small people and bring them in to label themselves as our audience. Brian our Director has really done a great job Directing this show and he's helped me out immensely throughout my acting career. I'd have to say he is a big influence in my day to day whenever I work for him. Then there are the two "surrogate" parents of mine Brems and Wacky. I can't sum up in words the ...adventures...experiences...and knowledge I've taken from those two asside from all the grab ass that does on a daily basis go on between them. The whole cast is greatly bonded to each other. If for some odd chance you don't like the show then at least note how the cast is so dedicated to each other. The way i've always viewed a show is like it were a large puzzle. We start off day one with all the pieces that is the actors the script and a busket full of ideas. We have no idea where they are all going to go but we start in and try a piece there and if it doesn't fit we try something else. When we are at the end and all the pieces are together all the hard work is at it's end we stand back and look at the art we've made. and hopefully a message or an inspiration is conveyed to the people who view our masterpiece. brb

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Friday, June 25, 2004

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Today Was Phucking Great!

I didn't get to sleep for long last night only five hours but I woke up to the most gorgeous day ever. I got out of bed and new exactly what to i took a quick shower got dressed brushed my teeth and ran for the television and watched three hours straight of sopranos season 3...yay.

Really today sucked ass.

I woke up at like 11 because i went to bed at around five in the morning. And all day long I was so fricking bored. Oh but the night before i wrote a pretty kick ass song. It was inspired by the show that we're doing right now as you all know to be The Bonfire. It's about the main character Tom and the choices he has to make. It's not as much a song about the play as it is just a song about a guy named tom. wanna hear it well pull me over next time you see me on the road and hold a gun to my head and sing me mary had a little lamb and i'd be glad to questions just do it.

So yeah yesterday Sarah watts threw this kickin ass movie party and everyone shot down my Flan. Yeah that's right you fucking assholes I spend two whole phucking hours over the hot stove making a GREAT dish for everyone and then they all shove it back in my face. well you guys are sad. learn to expand your phucking whore-I-zons.

The movie was good... the godfather.

I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse!...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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Can't Buy a Thrill
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Well erebody here I am and to conclude my last weeks experience of working at prairiefest lets just say people in parking lots are total assholes too much sun hurts and money is never worth actually working.

One experience in particular during prariefest perturbed me the most. I was on parking lot duty directing traffic and this one guy starts driving towards me and i point him right telling him that that is the exit( which was very clearly marked "exit") He ignored my signals and drove up straight in front of me. I moved my arm in a motion meaning please sir roll down your window i need to tell your dense ass what you're doing wrong apparently. I told him sir this is the entrance and i can't let you through here you'll have to back up and go out the exit like the rest of the traffic. He flipped me his fav finger and told me i was going to move for him and after a certain car entered i'd stop traffic for him and let him exit out the entrance. I said in response with much sarcasm oh really? then he nodded his heavy weight head and i said no and shook my head and pointed to the exit again and told him to back up. He reluctantly gave in and reversed his car and went out the right way. as he drove by me on the main road he showed me his favorite finger again and yelled out to me "i almost ran you over." at first i didn't believe my ears but dave the mexican quiroz confirmed the mans comment. and i under my breath said and i would have had your ass in court fucka! and then i took my break and listened to pretzel logic ...steely dan.

which reminds me last night me brems and drinkall all went out and i bought another steely dan cd - Can't Buy A Thrill . which i recomend to everyone.

yo this is Joe i g2g but only fo a mo...ment I'll conclude the last few days later.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Ouch work sucked today i burn i'll fill ya all in tomorrow