Friday, July 02, 2004

Friday, July 02, 2004

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Well I just got back from guitar practice where I learned more arpeggios and now I will update you all on the bonfire.

Last night opening night went fantastic. I think only one technical problem occured with a microphone and our beloved krillian the cd Villain but that should be fixed for the next two nights.

Other than that everything went smooth. I'm still waiting for a certain someone to come to the performance and find a certain something umm selfpleasing? i think Mr. Fauth will connect with me on this gratifying point. ::moo::

OOO I'd like to give some props out to Mr. Bennet(please let that spelling be right!) who at the last second...and i mean last second decided to help us out and play the part of Steve. He came on the stage the opening night we ran the scenes before the crowd came and he went on the same night and he performed the part...Mr B (not barnes) You are THE man! Your daughter should be proud of you...that is if she already isn't but i'm sure she is.

tonight i'm expecting the crowd to be a little more responsive...yeah that's right. last nights crowd was good....just a little slow at times...that's alright you can make it up to me by seeing the show again!

well other than that ...oh hey announcement!! I've got a new brother! yep my surrogate parents have birthed me a new one and i'm proud to announce that Eric Swanson is my surrogate brother!

yeah other than all that stuff I'm just anxious to get it on tonight




eww if you take the first letters of those three words you get GWC which boy did i have quite the experience there.(ask me later about that story it's something i can't post)

see ya bye!

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Well I'm back and writing all thanks to my rave reviews...Brian...Diana.

Well I've kinda slacked off lately and know The Bonfire is here. Yes that's right I'm typing this a couple of hours before the show. For any latecomers it's at Bednarcik(I think that's spelled right) at 7:00 and the admission fee is $5. I have to admit this is gonna be a great show. I can only hope that our gnarly posters and incessant chants will reach out to all the small people and bring them in to label themselves as our audience. Brian our Director has really done a great job Directing this show and he's helped me out immensely throughout my acting career. I'd have to say he is a big influence in my day to day whenever I work for him. Then there are the two "surrogate" parents of mine Brems and Wacky. I can't sum up in words the ...adventures...experiences...and knowledge I've taken from those two asside from all the grab ass that does on a daily basis go on between them. The whole cast is greatly bonded to each other. If for some odd chance you don't like the show then at least note how the cast is so dedicated to each other. The way i've always viewed a show is like it were a large puzzle. We start off day one with all the pieces that is the actors the script and a busket full of ideas. We have no idea where they are all going to go but we start in and try a piece there and if it doesn't fit we try something else. When we are at the end and all the pieces are together all the hard work is at it's end we stand back and look at the art we've made. and hopefully a message or an inspiration is conveyed to the people who view our masterpiece. brb

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Friday, June 25, 2004

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Today Was Phucking Great!

I didn't get to sleep for long last night only five hours but I woke up to the most gorgeous day ever. I got out of bed and new exactly what to i took a quick shower got dressed brushed my teeth and ran for the television and watched three hours straight of sopranos season 3...yay.

Really today sucked ass.

I woke up at like 11 because i went to bed at around five in the morning. And all day long I was so fricking bored. Oh but the night before i wrote a pretty kick ass song. It was inspired by the show that we're doing right now as you all know to be The Bonfire. It's about the main character Tom and the choices he has to make. It's not as much a song about the play as it is just a song about a guy named tom. wanna hear it well pull me over next time you see me on the road and hold a gun to my head and sing me mary had a little lamb and i'd be glad to questions just do it.

So yeah yesterday Sarah watts threw this kickin ass movie party and everyone shot down my Flan. Yeah that's right you fucking assholes I spend two whole phucking hours over the hot stove making a GREAT dish for everyone and then they all shove it back in my face. well you guys are sad. learn to expand your phucking whore-I-zons.

The movie was good... the godfather.

I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse!...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

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Can't Buy a Thrill
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Well erebody here I am and to conclude my last weeks experience of working at prairiefest lets just say people in parking lots are total assholes too much sun hurts and money is never worth actually working.

One experience in particular during prariefest perturbed me the most. I was on parking lot duty directing traffic and this one guy starts driving towards me and i point him right telling him that that is the exit( which was very clearly marked "exit") He ignored my signals and drove up straight in front of me. I moved my arm in a motion meaning please sir roll down your window i need to tell your dense ass what you're doing wrong apparently. I told him sir this is the entrance and i can't let you through here you'll have to back up and go out the exit like the rest of the traffic. He flipped me his fav finger and told me i was going to move for him and after a certain car entered i'd stop traffic for him and let him exit out the entrance. I said in response with much sarcasm oh really? then he nodded his heavy weight head and i said no and shook my head and pointed to the exit again and told him to back up. He reluctantly gave in and reversed his car and went out the right way. as he drove by me on the main road he showed me his favorite finger again and yelled out to me "i almost ran you over." at first i didn't believe my ears but dave the mexican quiroz confirmed the mans comment. and i under my breath said and i would have had your ass in court fucka! and then i took my break and listened to pretzel logic ...steely dan.

which reminds me last night me brems and drinkall all went out and i bought another steely dan cd - Can't Buy A Thrill . which i recomend to everyone.

yo this is Joe i g2g but only fo a mo...ment I'll conclude the last few days later.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Ouch work sucked today i burn i'll fill ya all in tomorrow


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