Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Hey peeps! another dull boring day. I cleaned my room today...yeah that's bad for me. I usually make a mess of it on a daily basis, cleaning it is totally out of character.

summer camp is coming soon. I gotta start packing...meh i'll get to it eventually.

I called Alison tonight and we talked for an hour. I can't believe how bad I miss her now that things for us just started off. I hope i'm not acting childish. I have just had a great time with her and i'm soooo anxious to continue. well patience is a virtue.

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Anonymous said...

griffin, you dog. are you dating gil? perfect! i luff it! i luff it! and when are you going to camp, love? i miss you already...even though i haven't seen you in years. we need to fix that. good