Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Brace Yourselves! We're about to enter...The School Zone!

Damn! I am SO Ready for school. Look at me going to sleep at a reasonable hour to wake up at a reasonable time to go to a place of knowledge and challenge, wisdom and learning, bad lunch menues and doorless bathroom stalls...AH nothing could get better. What more could you ask for...more parking? no screw that. Anyways, school, are you ready? I know I am.

SEX and religion tomorrow!

Till then try balancing spoons on your nose.



Politics....let's talk politics. I feel like my blog is lacking that which other blogs and most peoples' lives thrive upon. I haven't talked politics, sex, or religion.

Truthfully politics scare me. I feel everything has been blown out of proportion. Instead of saying here is who I am and here is what I'll do for the people everyone seems to be playing the blame game. Doing research into opposing candidates lives to find dirt on them, when what they really should be doing is trying to look forward and promise more ahead. Although I'm saying this with very little research myself. So I mean if I'm saying something here that's totally blindsighted or ignorant totally rip me a new one. I can't stand what politics has made itself to be these days. All the catch phrases and flashy campaigns. I have a friend who gets himself so worked up into politics that it's taken over his life...We have nothing to talk about nowadays. All his radio presets are politic propaganda talk shows and all the books he reads are all a bunch of wasted trees. It'snot like he can even vote! He's my age. Maybe I'm what's wrong here maybe i'm the one who should be holding up the Kerry or Bush sign...but truthfully...I could care less. They both seem pretty bad to me. And not that i'm taking sides but I'd much rather keep the idiot in office right now than putting in a brand new idiot. Well here you go people convince me to sway to one side or the other. As for now...I'm gonna go contemplate those two other subjects I've yet to address in my blog...SEX and Religion.

Peace :)

Listen to Steely Dan!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Kill Bill Vol.1 Good, Kill Bill Vol. 2 even better. Tarantino - God of all action movies
Anyone wanna go see Hero?

Sunday, August 22, 2004


I'm back from my short notice vacation. I apologize for not warning everyone that I was leaving but we decided to leave a day earlier. My family and I went up to a cabin in northern Wisconsin. A town called Elcho. We stayed in a cabin next to a small lake called post lake. I wasn't so keen on the whole camping out idea of vacation giving the fact that I had scout camp earlier this summer. The cabin made things better I guess.

I found a lot of things to keep my self preoccupied. Brems and I are working jointly on a script so I brought up my laptop and shot out a few pages of ideas and when I wasn't doing that I worked on writing some songs. I was inspired by the lake and the wind as the sun set one afternoon and came up with a cool jazzy kinda bit. It's still being worked on. The fam and I went to Lake Superior and collected rocks and chilled out on the beach side. My dad is a horrible photographer so I took responsibility of most of the photo taking.

Here is a photo I took while passing through a small town in way upper Wisconsin. I had a pretty good chuckle over this and if you don't then well...You're an inbred redheaded step child that has been thrown down the stairs two too many times, only to find that the ground at the bottom is filled with tacks and other sharp pointy objects that puncture and rip and make things bleed.

Now I didn't get a picture of it but there was an even more hysterical sign in this very small town of Watersmeet. Now Watersmeet has a highschool and for that far north that's something special in a town that small. But that's besides the fact. Anyway, now this highschool has taken it upon themselves to claim and make their school mascot...The NIMRODS! If any of you are avid Leno fans...cricket cricket...I do believe that they actually took a snapshot of the same sign I saw and had quite the chuckle over it. Just be glad Oswego has a cool mascot like the panthers because if I went to a school and I went to football games to cheer on nimrods I would be utterly out of my mind.

In more close to home news I had commotion today. It went well. We decided to have a little surprise engagement party thrown for Mr. Stinsin. The surprise factor of the party failed after waiting in the choir room for about 17 minutes in a choreographed starburst arrangement. After awhile we kinda lost interest but in the end and two failed attempts we finally got the two marriage mates in the choir room and yelled congrats and happy Kwanza.

HEY HEY I got my cool Bonfire t-shirt today! I have to admit they are pretty spiffy...Although I do have one complaint...The quotes on the back are great but...None of which are mine. I was initially sad at this fact but after my mommy purchased a lollipop and a twirlybob hat for me I was very elated despite the absence of any of my character's quotes on the back of my t-shirt. ::sigh:: I sure do miss Greg.

HEY! Going to the mall tomorrow anyone interested call my cell and I'll arrange a pick up for you. We're going to stop by the Katmantan. Which, by the way, I not to long ago purchased a very nice and very warm hand knit jacket from Nepal. SWEET! (sudden change in emotion) OH SHIT, which then brings me to a very sad fact. Katmantan is under new management and my dear friend Umez has departed for Texas. :( I will always remember with what grace he did upkeep that store. Oh god and the new manager is WEEEIRD! I wanted to try some pants on and they let me go in back and when I was walking through the back of the store there was this young Indian woman sitting on a carpet of some sort rolled up into the fetal position. I was startled at first but decided it was best to just keep on going and pretend I hadn't seen her. I felt bad afterwards because she seemed to be a little perturbed by me walking past her. She was very stoic and just stared into nothingness. Poor thing.

AND...Picture of the day-

Extreme thumbs up to all of you from my brother! PEACE!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Just checked my receipt and the name of the place is Katmantan!


I was a little bored today so I met up with my friend Sarah Watts and we drove over to the mall to shoot the shit. I wanted to go to FYE and see if they had the new Kings of Convenience cd Riot In An Empty Street...but they didn't...whores. Sarah has had this crazy hankerin' to go visit india and the area around it for quite some time and she remembered a store there which...I forget the name...sarah you read my blog what was the name of that place? Anyways this place had rare imported statues and clothes and bangles and jewelry from Nepal and places near it. We met the store owner who explained everything to us and was very fluent in english. I've made a new friend now and his name is Umez. I'll have to get a big group of people and we'll all go visit him sometime. He's 22 and has only just recently lived here but he's really neat and I bought a cd with some sitar music on it...sweet! I'm telling you people this place is so culturally rich. I'm sorry it's placed in the mall in a horrible place...you barely notice it. Sarah if I missed anyhthing let me know.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Crash & Burn
Well people...it was bound to happen someday. Last night Alison and I drove into Naperville to get dinner. I was pulling into the parking garage when the person in front of me stopped so he could get a parking place on the first floor. Now this person in front of me was driving a Lexus and when she started backing up I was afraid she was going to hit me. I mean we were almost bumper to bumper as it was and when I saw her backing up I did too, to prevent myself from getting nailed. So then the lady behind me doesn't see what's going on and I back up into her.

Things going through my head at that moment:

3.Damn car alarm!
4.Shit I just hit a BMW!
5.wonder where we're going to eat.
6.SHIT put it in forward go go go!

So after the bastard in front of me gets his/her parking place I proceed to the only parking left. Floor 5. Now at this point I'm thinking... wow, what, how does that work out. I don't want to get in an accident with a lexus but instead I get in an accident with a BMW! My phucking luck. Actually... I was pretty damn lucky. When I confronted the lady about her car she said it was no big deal and said it would just end up costing more through insurance.

Well I was relieved.

Although there was probably more damage to my car...well my dad's car...than hers. I just bent up her license plate a little. My car had lost some paint. Hopefully my dad doesn't notice...

Dinner was nice. We decided to go to the Bangkok Village. Good food but only try the green soda if you're curious about how old womans perfume tastes like. Alison has come to the conclusion that it tastes like that...and well.. It does. Makes you wonder how they go about getting that flavour...well it makes me wonder at least.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Just reminding everyone to vote in my mini poll located on the right column of my site here. Only one vote per person, lets not poll-ute the poll.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


So I'm in my room listening to some music as I do everyday and my mom and my brother leave for his violin lessons. I take a late shower and by the time I finally descend my stairs it's almost 11. At the bottom of the stairs is my trusty dog bandit waiting for me...but wait why isn't he hyper? why isn't he jumping on me and instinctivly jabbing me with his fore paws in my man land? AH! that's why. I turn the corner and the trash bag from the day before is ripped open and all it's contents are dumped on the floor. BAD DOG! ah and now he comes by me seeking sympathy. He's cute but not that cute.


Trying a new blog template so bear with me till it's up.

Monday, August 02, 2004


Hey Hey everyone! Joe here again. DCI rocked! Emily, Lianna, Becky, Alex, Alison, and I all went to see the wonderful work the DCI put on at NCC. I was blown away! All the corps were well orchestrated and the show was quite exciting. When The Cavaliers came on with all their 007 arrangements I was pretty psyched. Except for one arrangement that included some deep messages conveyed by a person on mic I was impressed by all the shows.

Em if you're out there those flags were deseased, I asked them afterwards they couldn't help the spots.

Well I'm here writing in my blog at a time I usually wouldn't. That's because commotion is canceled today. boo. Well I kinda expected as much given the fact that half of commotion wouldn't make it because of band practice from nine to nine...Ugh. Good luck banders!

I've lately been helping a friend of mine out with his eagle scout project. It's almost done but it's been a long painful road to get where we are with it. We are putting in posts in by Harris Hill forest preserve to make a sort of railing for sledders. I have so far wrecked both my shoulders from carrying large posts and my hands are torn up from tamping cement. Not Phun!

Which reminds me I'll soon be starting my eagle scout project which works in conjunction with my friends project. I'll be making the stairs that go in between the railing...easier said than done. I'm gonna need help so I'll keep you all informed and when my project comes around help would be much appreciated. My project shouldn't be as hard as putting in the railing but i'm gonna need alot of people. Please help!

Well i'm going to return some cds I've burnt back to to the library and then go running to make up for not having commotion today.

July had two full moons this year