Sunday, August 22, 2004


I'm back from my short notice vacation. I apologize for not warning everyone that I was leaving but we decided to leave a day earlier. My family and I went up to a cabin in northern Wisconsin. A town called Elcho. We stayed in a cabin next to a small lake called post lake. I wasn't so keen on the whole camping out idea of vacation giving the fact that I had scout camp earlier this summer. The cabin made things better I guess.

I found a lot of things to keep my self preoccupied. Brems and I are working jointly on a script so I brought up my laptop and shot out a few pages of ideas and when I wasn't doing that I worked on writing some songs. I was inspired by the lake and the wind as the sun set one afternoon and came up with a cool jazzy kinda bit. It's still being worked on. The fam and I went to Lake Superior and collected rocks and chilled out on the beach side. My dad is a horrible photographer so I took responsibility of most of the photo taking.

Here is a photo I took while passing through a small town in way upper Wisconsin. I had a pretty good chuckle over this and if you don't then well...You're an inbred redheaded step child that has been thrown down the stairs two too many times, only to find that the ground at the bottom is filled with tacks and other sharp pointy objects that puncture and rip and make things bleed.

Now I didn't get a picture of it but there was an even more hysterical sign in this very small town of Watersmeet. Now Watersmeet has a highschool and for that far north that's something special in a town that small. But that's besides the fact. Anyway, now this highschool has taken it upon themselves to claim and make their school mascot...The NIMRODS! If any of you are avid Leno cricket...I do believe that they actually took a snapshot of the same sign I saw and had quite the chuckle over it. Just be glad Oswego has a cool mascot like the panthers because if I went to a school and I went to football games to cheer on nimrods I would be utterly out of my mind.

In more close to home news I had commotion today. It went well. We decided to have a little surprise engagement party thrown for Mr. Stinsin. The surprise factor of the party failed after waiting in the choir room for about 17 minutes in a choreographed starburst arrangement. After awhile we kinda lost interest but in the end and two failed attempts we finally got the two marriage mates in the choir room and yelled congrats and happy Kwanza.

HEY HEY I got my cool Bonfire t-shirt today! I have to admit they are pretty spiffy...Although I do have one complaint...The quotes on the back are great but...None of which are mine. I was initially sad at this fact but after my mommy purchased a lollipop and a twirlybob hat for me I was very elated despite the absence of any of my character's quotes on the back of my t-shirt. ::sigh:: I sure do miss Greg.

HEY! Going to the mall tomorrow anyone interested call my cell and I'll arrange a pick up for you. We're going to stop by the Katmantan. Which, by the way, I not to long ago purchased a very nice and very warm hand knit jacket from Nepal. SWEET! (sudden change in emotion) OH SHIT, which then brings me to a very sad fact. Katmantan is under new management and my dear friend Umez has departed for Texas. :( I will always remember with what grace he did upkeep that store. Oh god and the new manager is WEEEIRD! I wanted to try some pants on and they let me go in back and when I was walking through the back of the store there was this young Indian woman sitting on a carpet of some sort rolled up into the fetal position. I was startled at first but decided it was best to just keep on going and pretend I hadn't seen her. I felt bad afterwards because she seemed to be a little perturbed by me walking past her. She was very stoic and just stared into nothingness. Poor thing.

AND...Picture of the day-

Extreme thumbs up to all of you from my brother! PEACE!

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