Monday, August 02, 2004


Hey Hey everyone! Joe here again. DCI rocked! Emily, Lianna, Becky, Alex, Alison, and I all went to see the wonderful work the DCI put on at NCC. I was blown away! All the corps were well orchestrated and the show was quite exciting. When The Cavaliers came on with all their 007 arrangements I was pretty psyched. Except for one arrangement that included some deep messages conveyed by a person on mic I was impressed by all the shows.

Em if you're out there those flags were deseased, I asked them afterwards they couldn't help the spots.

Well I'm here writing in my blog at a time I usually wouldn't. That's because commotion is canceled today. boo. Well I kinda expected as much given the fact that half of commotion wouldn't make it because of band practice from nine to nine...Ugh. Good luck banders!

I've lately been helping a friend of mine out with his eagle scout project. It's almost done but it's been a long painful road to get where we are with it. We are putting in posts in by Harris Hill forest preserve to make a sort of railing for sledders. I have so far wrecked both my shoulders from carrying large posts and my hands are torn up from tamping cement. Not Phun!

Which reminds me I'll soon be starting my eagle scout project which works in conjunction with my friends project. I'll be making the stairs that go in between the railing...easier said than done. I'm gonna need help so I'll keep you all informed and when my project comes around help would be much appreciated. My project shouldn't be as hard as putting in the railing but i'm gonna need alot of people. Please help!

Well i'm going to return some cds I've burnt back to to the library and then go running to make up for not having commotion today.

July had two full moons this year

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