Thursday, March 10, 2005

God Freaking Christ!

I've had no time at all lately. I'd be funny if I were lying to you by making that statement but it's it's very unfunny. I've not blogged for years it seems. Lo siento biotches! I can't even restate some of the things that have been going on lately. Everything is moving so fast. Callbacks for the musical were today. The fucking seussical or however you spell it. I hope i did well...I can't tell. I'm excited.

Oh godd I can't stand updates...I'd try to do it for eveyone but I'm not gonna lie...I have no time to sit and sulk on this site about what has me down or up or all around. I'm gonna admit it...I probably won't update too much from now on...I've grown lethargic. I'm going to try something from now on that I'd advise everyone else to do. I'm going to start keeping a Journal in lieu of this blog...yes it will be private so I don't know why i tell you all this. Truthfully I don't see the point of bleeding onto a screen through a keyboard...I think it should be something more personal. Don't think I'm bein hypocritical by saying this...It's a new decision I've just made lately. That and of course the lack of time at my home will pull me away from this blog. I still love you all for blogging and showing me a part of my life that one day i'll sign onto and laugh with hearty belly laughs and tears of happiness. I'll just confide elsewhere. Good night.