Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uncle Joey

Well this post is way late in the making and with no excuse whatsoever.

I'm gonna be uncle Joey!!!!!!

My older bro Dave and his wife are expecting a baby! I've actually known now for a long time. When I came back from spring break the big announcement was made. Dave and Jess had arrived in town a day or two before me and although my plans were for a short spring break I was ecstatic to get to see them since they live VA. I arrived late that night and so I didn't get to see Dave or Jess till the morning ...I knew something was up because things seemed different somehow. I had slept in a little since arriving so late but I roused myself with some help I'm sure from someone...when I got upstairs I hugged Dave and Jess and then noticed that my mom and dad were wearing somewhat matching shirts...at first I just passed it off since I already accept how odd they can be sometimes (a trait I swear I didn't inherit ... :) ) As they were fixing lunch I slowly came out of my trance and then it finally hit me...I looked at my parents' shirts and noticed they weren't just odd...they were REALLY ODD! My mother's simply said "Grandma to (be)." be was replaced by a graphic of a bee. My dad's said "dad's know a lot but Grandpas know everything" and had a graphic depicting an elderly gentlemen. Although I registered what the shirts said I still hadn't grasped the implication until everyone Dave, Jess, Ma, Pa, Andrew, and Ryan all glared straight at me...in wait. Then it hit me - I got the quite obvious message and was caught speechless!


Hugs and kisses exchanged and to this moment as I type this post I'm still wrapping my head around this monumental event. It has been almost 9 years since our family has gained a member...if you don't count Bandit or Shirl. I can't post in this entry whether it's a boy or girl because if my information is straight then my dad is waiting for the birthday to find out.

To explain in this post the utter joy this news of a new family member brings me would be a crime. Rather, you should ask me yourself when you see me and I would be much more accurate in such explanation both verbally and gesturally.

For now it's a waiting game but when the day comes you can be sure there will be ample amounts of play by play coverage. :D

That's all. I'm a happy man!...Uncle!!!