Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AHHH! 911!!!

Today seemed like it was gonna be one of another in a series of boring days. I had spent most of my day, sadly, in my basement on my computer. At 9 o'clock my little brother andrew ran downstairs and told me my little brother Ryan had broken his arm. I can't describe the amount of urgency I took as I bound out of the basement. I ran upstairs and out the back door and sure enough back behind our playground in the backyard was my little bro with his arm bent in a place it very well shouldn't have been bent. My brothers and one of Ryans friend were running around chasing each other when Ryan slipped down the ladder on the playset. His arm, unfortunately, became stuck between two rungs and snapped. I told him not to move it and immediately called 911. It's really scary to see a loved one in turmoil. I'd never broken a bone in my body but I can guess it is similair to the pain I felt if not worse when I had torn my lateral meniscus. He was in shock at first when I had initially arrived on the scene but after he quit moving it and my mom calmed him down he immediately wanted to solve the problem. He didn't cry a bit from that moment on. The sight of his bent arm made hime a little sick to his stomach but he endured the pain like a real champ. I'm in absolute awe as to how well he dealt with the situation. My dad was at a town meeting so my mom and Andrew had to pick him up. We couldn't reach him on his phone because he was speaking at the meeting. Thanks to one of the neighbors that offered to drive over and tell him what had happened we could rally the family together. As the family was getting together I offered to ride with the paramedics and Ryan in the ambulance to help answer any questions.

The paramedics were extremely nice and Ryan
answered all their questions
including the ones about school and baseball.

He could feel but it hurt to move his fingers

Even on the bumpy ride to the hospital all the way in Cinncinnati he kept the most calm composure. The paramedic asked some questions and with a little help from me the topic of conversation eventually landed on whether he was going to be able to play baseball or go to school. At the Hospital everything went by smoothly.
Not a Bit Nervous

He got put to sleep for a bit and they re-aligned his radius and ulna and they bound it in a temporary brace and fitted him for an arm sling.

Taking a Nap

Drowsy Thumbs Up

Already Being Pampered

Walking out of the hospital all he was worried about then was how much longer he would have to wait to get home so he could eat some oatmeal. we just got back home at about 1:15 and he's off to bed and hoping that next week when they put his cast on if he can have it done up so it looks like camoflauge...he loves anything army related. I can admit to coming to tears a few times tonight. I can't stand seeing anyone I love come to harm. Even when the doctor raised his arm a bit and he winced in pain. I felt just absolutely distresed. Now everything is better and from here Ryan gets the king's treatment. Unfortunately he will have to stop playing baseball...too bad too he caught a line drive at 3rd base the other day. I'm just glad that he isn't in any more pain and proud to have such a truly brave little brother.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Don't know what knees are?

Here is a short tutorial that will help you -

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Securely Secured

I LOVE my new job...don't get me wrong there are pros and there are cons but for the most part my choice of job this summer is flawless. As security guard for a theme park there are many responsibilities...more than I had originally bargained for. My job does comprise of standard security things such as patrols and standing guard at certain places but unlike most security jobs a security job at a theme park demands constant attention. My first day on the job was rather easy. One of the more experienced officers, Rob Otero, had me shadow him. All in all that day was uneventful due to rain...this however made for a very drenched me. The next day was sunny and nice out and I was on my own. This is where I did most of the learning. All the radio lingo and signals were foreign to me. I did have a decoding chart but had accidentally left it at I'm sitting there listening to base calling out signal 7s and 26s and I'm like WTF?! Not much harm came that day thankfully. Just two days ago I helped apprehend 8 drunk kids from a ride. They were all in their late twenties and two of them tried resisting arrest. Too bad the jail was full or they would've been sent to the slammer. But wow let me tell you...there isn't too much of a difference between me and the other security guards and the on site police officers. It was an absolute adreneline rush to be there on the scene of an arrest...It felt like I was in a COPS episode. The cons of the job are easily gotten over when you look at all the good you're doing for people. Cons include soar legs blisters on your feet and sunburns. A lot of good comes from what I do there. I reunite lost children with their parents, help people find things they've lost, help keep the park clean, and so on and so on. I can't wait until the park opens full-time! Hopefully I'll get a chance to ride some of the's hard as hell to describe a ride to people you've never been on yourself!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rider on the Storm

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! I need to just scream...I'm so stressed out.

3 Tornado drills today.

3 times today did I have to stop my studying and writing to file into a hallway and sit on the ground and waste precious time...Time which seems so precious and yet at the same time so wretched. The storms wasted probably about a good 4 hours of my day. By the third one I decided to run outside before the RAs could catch me and I just stood in a field crouched down and watched the rage of the flickering bolts and prodigious pounds as the sky moved in opposite directions converging at what seemed to be right over my head. It was relaxing but when it all subsided on went college.

When I got back I found out my roommate was leaving right then when I got back. It was sad. I'm sorta alone now here as I type away in my lonely, bare room. I'd give anything to leave now as well but unfortunately for me I have the privilege of lingering here in the bowling greens until Friday. Stoopid finals. I'm gonna miss Corey and all the guys. We've all made plans to go to the Warped Tour in Cincy later in the summer so there still may be one last reunion...then I go my way and they theirs.

A lot has happened this past year. And I feel no regret leaving it all behind. In some odd way I enjoy having this room to myself. I have wanted some solitude for awhile now.