Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rider on the Storm

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! I need to just scream...I'm so stressed out.

3 Tornado drills today.

3 times today did I have to stop my studying and writing to file into a hallway and sit on the ground and waste precious time...Time which seems so precious and yet at the same time so wretched. The storms wasted probably about a good 4 hours of my day. By the third one I decided to run outside before the RAs could catch me and I just stood in a field crouched down and watched the rage of the flickering bolts and prodigious pounds as the sky moved in opposite directions converging at what seemed to be right over my head. It was relaxing but when it all subsided on went college.

When I got back I found out my roommate was leaving today...like right then when I got back. It was sad. I'm sorta alone now here as I type away in my lonely, bare room. I'd give anything to leave now as well but unfortunately for me I have the privilege of lingering here in the bowling greens until Friday. Stoopid finals. I'm gonna miss Corey and all the guys. We've all made plans to go to the Warped Tour in Cincy later in the summer so there still may be one last reunion...then I go my way and they theirs.

A lot has happened this past year. And I feel no regret leaving it all behind. In some odd way I enjoy having this room to myself. I have wanted some solitude for awhile now.

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Anonymous said...

cheer up jo jo!