Saturday, October 30, 2004


The show for my cast and myself is over!

Last night's show went really well. Everything flowed very well. The timing was on the physical comedy was great. I had a blast. I won't go into detail of the show's turnout because if you haven't seen it yourself then, well, you suck. ( except for Brian).


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Busy Busy Busy

I've been very busy lately. Rehearsal and school and other things all finding their way to make my day just a little longer and a little stressful. My eagle scout project is coming up soon also. Which, might I add, I need alot of help with. If you aren't busy november 9 please make it out to help me. Any questions about where when and what just post me and I'll get you the info. PLEASE! help me with it.

The show is turning out. We're ready to perform it this week. Oh Aaron is still on the cast so I'll still only be doing wednesday and Friday. :( come see my night.

OOO I ordered the GlenGarry Glen Ross soundtrack at the beginning of this week and yesterday I just got it in the mail. Any GGGR fans want a copy let me know or if you want I can point you in the direction of where to buy it from.

It's so beuatiful out right now. Autumn is my favorite time of the year!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Tonight was GREAT.

Despite me having to perform my part on stage twice as much since my counterpart wasn't there(and may never be there.) Everything went SWELL! Oh and the extra rehearsal time I got was good in it's self. I have the first act down alot better now. Can't say the same for my counterpart Aaron though. I feel bad...even though him quiting is's what I've wanted. If I'm a bastard for that then fine! I think it's great that I would get opening night but the fact that I wouldn't get closing favorite night...with the double casting utterly rips me to pieces. I wouldn't mind at all performing all four nights...I'd prefer it...Sorry there Aaron someone has to be the bastard.

Anyways rehearsal got out late so I had like 1 second to grab a quick bite before Commotion sad gay life. I don't know why I put my self through these things...yeah I do. I love being on stage with great groups of grateful gallants.......sorry the double alliteration is getting to me. yeah so commotion went great. I am sooo proud to be a part of that prestegious group. We are such a tightly nit group. while the lady's were rehearsing by themselves and we were waiting and had gotten fitted for costumes we...(the guys) all decided to run....yeah that's right the thing we all hate most we did...not because stinson or Tieri told us, or becuase we had to, but because we, as a group, wanted to...and as we ran down the empty hallways of OHS we all ran in a big group clapping in time to avery shouting out and followed by us repeating "we are commotion, mighty mighty comotion..."and so on and so forth. I loved it. Vlad, Mike Glenn, And I went off in a group together and started quoting GlenGarry and it led up to me inviting all the guys over to my place this friday to view it so we could all get in on the cunningly timed and obscene writing of sir David Mamet.

One thing that kinda rubbed me the wrong way tonight was the punishment for the showchoir "competition" we had tonight. Our one big group broke down into three groups of 12 and went off and reheasred together for 10 minutes and came back to perform. The winning group out of the three wouldn't have to run next week...ten laps around the school up and down, every step, at every staircase. Everyone went into overdrive mode to do their best. When we all performed it came down that my group did the best...I was very happy at this...but I felt bad because I knew i didn't have to run. Tieri even said we had braggin rights as we watched everyone else run. Now I thought Commotion was a group effort...T and Stinson always refer to that...I think it's wrong for only a section of commotion to run like that. So come next week...Despite the fact that i don't have to...I'm running all 10 laps with everyone, I hope my team follows me and does likewise. Everyone tried so hard and poured themselves into their performance...I would feel bad...If one person does it wrong then we should all suffer those consequences...if we are a group that funtions like that. Only grudges and hate will be evoked by this seperation of who is better and who didn't quite hack it. I know I made a few mistakes throughout our routine too. HEY RIBLETS (my team) lets run too next week. It's only 10 laps...heh...easy, right?

Thanks Alison for pointing out my face!

A shoutout to Clarence our new assistant director for this are so smart and have alot to lend to everyone on stage. I'm glad you're with us this year. You've helped me immensly with understanding my character and helping bring him out of myself more, no kidding.

Aw shit, I have homework...

Come see the show, A Murder Most Foul, at OHS in the auditorium this october 27-30 students-$5 Adults-$6 Alumns-FREE! Please come make my work worth while! The show Is great! I'm positive you'll be rolling around trying to keep your sides from splitting in twain...yeah that's right I said twain.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hey so the past few days I've been feeling a hell of a lot better. Sicknesses suck. I've made a promise with myself to never get sick again...I'll let everyone know how well that goes...

These past few days have been quite nostalgic. I've seen some old friends that I haven't seen for awhile. Brems came into town yesterday and called me up to help him out with a short film for his film class...I won't go into that right now but stop me whenever you see me and ask me to tell you about my wife and how things are going...

Richard Gere and AA were hanging out over at the mexicans pad and so I swung over there and caught up with him and his happenings over at that talented school over in Chi town Illinios.

Last night Brems and I took a trip to Brian's apartment to watch the New York, Boston Ballgame. It was my first time over at the big man's apartment and we had a grand ol' time. We sat watched the game talked about The summer limelight show...which I have this feeling is gonna rock the auditorium...hopefully the OEHS auditorium but meh...I'm SOOO Psyched!

Come see the OHS presentation of Play On : A Murder Most Fowl this october 27-30. 7:00 5 dollas for students 6 dollas for adults free for Alumns

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


You know I'm sick when I watch the presidential debate. All in all I have to say President Bush was leading the debate. Kerry was on the defense way more than Bush. I haven't watched the other two debates but from what I've heard Bush was trampled in the first two. I think that the fact that everyone was watching the baseball game tonight instead of the debate will put Bush at a disadvantage. He should have came on strong earlier if he wanted to make a good stand. Kerry may still look strong after tonight despite the president leading by two points. It's sad that our country would rather watch baseball than watching the debates...But hey what am I complaining about if I wasn't so sick I'd probably have popped in GlenGarry and sat in front of the T.V. in awe of the great cast and excesive swearing.

Wish me better!

Temp: 100.1 and still on medication for the throat pain :(

And,Cue Sickness.

Well today sucked...sorry about this everyone but I'm going into bitch mode. I was diagnosed with strep throat and it's no fun. I definately saw this coming too. I did a self examination just the other day and noticed a small swelling of my throat glands. Today you could mistake my glands for small cattle they're so big. To top off everything I feel so outta touch with the world araound me. I missed taking the PSAT and so I'm gonna have to make that biotch of a test up. I missed commotion last night and it was a big testing day...singing dancing...the whole nine yards and I have to make it all up. Plus it's my second day missing play rehearsal. I was so angry my mom wouldn't let me go today. I can't be missing this much. I'm gonna be soooo screwed once this sickness of mine blows over. Which is hopefully by tomorrow. I can't afford missing anything more!

I promise I won't use my blog to bitch about my colds ever you all wanna hear about my glands...

Monday, October 11, 2004



I just got ripped a new one!

I went to a meeting with the infamous Bob Drawz just a while ago. I presented to him my eagle scout project I knew this meeting was going to be rough but...GOD...I had no idea. I thought i was pretty damn thorough throughout my whole plan but apparently not...anyways...he signed it so after I fix up my plan a bit I can get going and tackle this monster of a project.

Wanna Help?

I'll be handing out flyers. Stop me in the halls at school or run me off the road if you see me driving and tell me to give you a flyer or else you'll axe murder my whole family in broad daylight.


I got commotion tomorrow...that's not gonna be pretty. I'm so not ready. I haven't looked over my music at all...and we have quartets tomorrow! ugh.

If I don't get a decent lunch at school tomorrow I'm gonna kick something in the shin.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Today I got outta school and had a dental appointment to go to before rehearsal started. I had to get a cavity filled and so when I got back I was restricted to using only one side of my mouth. That was fun...and funny to those watching as I slurred all my lines and ended up messing up a small section. I couldn't whistle either. My mouth is fine now and fully capable of chewing, whistling, and making passionate love.

G.G.G.R. GO!

ROMA: All train compartments smell vaguely of shit. It gets so you don't mind it. That's the worst thing that I can confess. You know how long it took me to get there? A long time. When you die you're going to regret the things you don't do. You think you're queer? I'm going to tell you something: we're all queer. You think you're a thief? So what? You get befuddled by a middle-class morality? Get shut of it. Shut it out. You cheated on your wife? You did it, live with it. You fuck little girls, so be it. There's an absolute morality? Maybe. And then what? If you think there is, then be that thing. Bad people go to hell? I don't think so. If you think that, act that way. A hell exists on earth? Yes. I won't live in it. That's me. You ever take a dump made you feel like you'd just slept for twelve hours?

GlenGarry Facts:

The word "fuck" and its derivatives are uttered 137 times.

The word "shit" and its derivatives are uttered 50 times.

Have a fucking nice day!


Just to let you know Brian...ME not posting for 5 days is my form of payback to all the nonposters.


I've been very busy lately.

First off let me explain to you what rocks!

Stronghold rocks.

Stronghold is a medievil style castle that was built by the strong family in 1930. It was built to promote family fun and togetherness...shit no don't go into the tour script.

Anyways. yeah It's a castle that I gave tours with to the public just for giggles and to spend the homecoming weekend with good company and not go to a techno/rap/rave/rape/strobe light/over-rated, homecoming dance.

PLUS! I bought a SWORD! It's a scimitar and if anyone wants to have a watermelon party please invite me. ::Chop::

OH and for all of you people who are out of the loop yes Kyle and I are dating!

OH HAHA and hey GUESS WHAT! Today I think everyone saw Vlad kiss for the first time! YUP VLAD AND SARAH WATTS! Sitting in a tree K-I-s...yeah yeah they're dating too. They were so unaware that they had recipricating feelings and had both come to me for advice. Funny yes. Glad they're both happy? Definately!

Last but not least I'd just like to take this moment to yell at the people in my lunh hour.


I'm sitting in the line for 10 minutes today trying to remain patient while these two mexicana mother fuckers are talking up a PHUCKING storm to the god damn food provider of our fair OHS. NO! BIOTCH! What the hell is that! No not while i'm trying to go about my business. You want to talk to the lunch lady about your day or why you did you' hair a certain way...write them a letter. What the hell is wrong with Americans these days anyway! We don't ever take the time anymore to sit down and write to each other. We rely on the internet and cell phones soooo much that we have basically reduced the mailman to a bill delivering magazine providing tiny ass car driving waste of government expense. Letters contain so much more character and require more consentration and because of that we choose not to write anymore...but really think...just for a second...that is doing ourselves an injustice. We are robbing ourselves of so much by not writing letters to each I intend to fix this. If somebody writes me a letter I promise I will return the favor and hopefully some lucky mail man/lady will feel a sense of fulfillment or however you spell that. Anyway I got music theory to do. Peace out, A town.