Monday, October 11, 2004



I just got ripped a new one!

I went to a meeting with the infamous Bob Drawz just a while ago. I presented to him my eagle scout project I knew this meeting was going to be rough but...GOD...I had no idea. I thought i was pretty damn thorough throughout my whole plan but apparently not...anyways...he signed it so after I fix up my plan a bit I can get going and tackle this monster of a project.

Wanna Help?

I'll be handing out flyers. Stop me in the halls at school or run me off the road if you see me driving and tell me to give you a flyer or else you'll axe murder my whole family in broad daylight.


I got commotion tomorrow...that's not gonna be pretty. I'm so not ready. I haven't looked over my music at all...and we have quartets tomorrow! ugh.

If I don't get a decent lunch at school tomorrow I'm gonna kick something in the shin.

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