Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Tonight was GREAT.

Despite me having to perform my part on stage twice as much since my counterpart wasn't there(and may never be there.) Everything went SWELL! Oh and the extra rehearsal time I got was good in it's self. I have the first act down alot better now. Can't say the same for my counterpart Aaron though. I feel bad...even though him quiting is's what I've wanted. If I'm a bastard for that then fine! I think it's great that I would get opening night but the fact that I wouldn't get closing favorite night...with the double casting utterly rips me to pieces. I wouldn't mind at all performing all four nights...I'd prefer it...Sorry there Aaron someone has to be the bastard.

Anyways rehearsal got out late so I had like 1 second to grab a quick bite before Commotion sad gay life. I don't know why I put my self through these things...yeah I do. I love being on stage with great groups of grateful gallants.......sorry the double alliteration is getting to me. yeah so commotion went great. I am sooo proud to be a part of that prestegious group. We are such a tightly nit group. while the lady's were rehearsing by themselves and we were waiting and had gotten fitted for costumes we...(the guys) all decided to run....yeah that's right the thing we all hate most we did...not because stinson or Tieri told us, or becuase we had to, but because we, as a group, wanted to...and as we ran down the empty hallways of OHS we all ran in a big group clapping in time to avery shouting out and followed by us repeating "we are commotion, mighty mighty comotion..."and so on and so forth. I loved it. Vlad, Mike Glenn, And I went off in a group together and started quoting GlenGarry and it led up to me inviting all the guys over to my place this friday to view it so we could all get in on the cunningly timed and obscene writing of sir David Mamet.

One thing that kinda rubbed me the wrong way tonight was the punishment for the showchoir "competition" we had tonight. Our one big group broke down into three groups of 12 and went off and reheasred together for 10 minutes and came back to perform. The winning group out of the three wouldn't have to run next week...ten laps around the school up and down, every step, at every staircase. Everyone went into overdrive mode to do their best. When we all performed it came down that my group did the best...I was very happy at this...but I felt bad because I knew i didn't have to run. Tieri even said we had braggin rights as we watched everyone else run. Now I thought Commotion was a group effort...T and Stinson always refer to that...I think it's wrong for only a section of commotion to run like that. So come next week...Despite the fact that i don't have to...I'm running all 10 laps with everyone, I hope my team follows me and does likewise. Everyone tried so hard and poured themselves into their performance...I would feel bad...If one person does it wrong then we should all suffer those consequences...if we are a group that funtions like that. Only grudges and hate will be evoked by this seperation of who is better and who didn't quite hack it. I know I made a few mistakes throughout our routine too. HEY RIBLETS (my team) lets run too next week. It's only 10 laps...heh...easy, right?

Thanks Alison for pointing out my face!

A shoutout to Clarence our new assistant director for this are so smart and have alot to lend to everyone on stage. I'm glad you're with us this year. You've helped me immensly with understanding my character and helping bring him out of myself more, no kidding.

Aw shit, I have homework...

Come see the show, A Murder Most Foul, at OHS in the auditorium this october 27-30 students-$5 Adults-$6 Alumns-FREE! Please come make my work worth while! The show Is great! I'm positive you'll be rolling around trying to keep your sides from splitting in twain...yeah that's right I said twain.

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