Wednesday, October 13, 2004

And,Cue Sickness.

Well today sucked...sorry about this everyone but I'm going into bitch mode. I was diagnosed with strep throat and it's no fun. I definately saw this coming too. I did a self examination just the other day and noticed a small swelling of my throat glands. Today you could mistake my glands for small cattle they're so big. To top off everything I feel so outta touch with the world araound me. I missed taking the PSAT and so I'm gonna have to make that biotch of a test up. I missed commotion last night and it was a big testing day...singing dancing...the whole nine yards and I have to make it all up. Plus it's my second day missing play rehearsal. I was so angry my mom wouldn't let me go today. I can't be missing this much. I'm gonna be soooo screwed once this sickness of mine blows over. Which is hopefully by tomorrow. I can't afford missing anything more!

I promise I won't use my blog to bitch about my colds ever you all wanna hear about my glands...

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