Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Just to let you know Brian...ME not posting for 5 days is my form of payback to all the nonposters.


I've been very busy lately.

First off let me explain to you what rocks!

Stronghold rocks.

Stronghold is a medievil style castle that was built by the strong family in 1930. It was built to promote family fun and togetherness...shit no don't go into the tour script.

Anyways. yeah It's a castle that I gave tours with to the public just for giggles and to spend the homecoming weekend with good company and not go to a techno/rap/rave/rape/strobe light/over-rated, homecoming dance.

PLUS! I bought a SWORD! It's a scimitar and if anyone wants to have a watermelon party please invite me. ::Chop::

OH and for all of you people who are out of the loop yes Kyle and I are dating!

OH HAHA and hey GUESS WHAT! Today I think everyone saw Vlad kiss for the first time! YUP VLAD AND SARAH WATTS! Sitting in a tree K-I-s...yeah yeah they're dating too. They were so unaware that they had recipricating feelings and had both come to me for advice. Funny yes. Glad they're both happy? Definately!

Last but not least I'd just like to take this moment to yell at the people in my lunh hour.


I'm sitting in the line for 10 minutes today trying to remain patient while these two mexicana mother fuckers are talking up a PHUCKING storm to the god damn food provider of our fair OHS. NO! BIOTCH! What the hell is that! No not while i'm trying to go about my business. You want to talk to the lunch lady about your day or why you did you' hair a certain way...write them a letter. What the hell is wrong with Americans these days anyway! We don't ever take the time anymore to sit down and write to each other. We rely on the internet and cell phones soooo much that we have basically reduced the mailman to a bill delivering magazine providing tiny ass car driving waste of government expense. Letters contain so much more character and require more consentration and because of that we choose not to write anymore...but really think...just for a second...that is doing ourselves an injustice. We are robbing ourselves of so much by not writing letters to each I intend to fix this. If somebody writes me a letter I promise I will return the favor and hopefully some lucky mail man/lady will feel a sense of fulfillment or however you spell that. Anyway I got music theory to do. Peace out, A town.

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