Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Gots Tha Bloos

Not really...I do have a 30 dollar Hohner diatonic harmonica however. I've wanted to pick up playing harmonica for a reasonably long time and I thought what better reason to prompt me to do so than to buy a rather expensive one and let the guilt of wasting the money on it drive me to play it well...and success. It has been the best thirty dollars I've spent so far this year. Over the course of the two days that I've had it, thanks to some online tutorials and hours of intentionally winding myself till my diaphram hurt, I have mastered many aspects of harmonica playing and even taken on some rather expert techniquey kinds of things like bending notes. Here's some eye candy:

Today was my first day of two for introductory on site King's Island security training...basically from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening I watched various bad speakers read material straight off a power-point presentation. This gave me plenty of time to size up the comp. While doing so I noticed I was a minority. I hadn't experienced a war. LOL Every single security guard (except for one but he looked like Farva from super troopers so that made up for him) had experienced some time in the service in either Vietnam or Desert Storm...A lot of Vietnam vets. My next thought was maybe I should look out for the well being of the other security guards in addition to the patrons...who knows when they're gonna have a flashback of napalm and punji stakes. Okay I'm exaggerating a bit...there were some other college kids too. But still...

Last little picture here...I was driving around downtown Loveland this evening and I happened to pass a canoe rental place...upon passing it I noticed a sort of land mark. It was a canoe that had been turned into an art piece. On it was a little tune painted out and I noticed something rather peculiar about it...I had SANG that tune not but a year ago almost consecutively everyday...The very first song I sang with my barbershop quartet back during my junior year of highschool was a song called "I'd Love to Live in Loveland". I always that it was a strange circumstance that my family decided to move to a town named after a song I had sang...Well here take a look at this:

It's really something to see parts of your life fit together in strange little witty ways like this. Granted there is a bit of an amendment to the lyrics for the sake of advertising for the rental place but the tune is there and the thought does count.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Am I the only person who instead of doing much needed work, opts for renovating my room? HAH! I picked up a pair of socks and an hour later I emptied the contents of my closet cleaned it and re hung and inserted everything...Instead of doing an essay that's due at 3:30 tomorrow...AH procrastination!

I got a chance to play with Final Cut Pro today (a video editing program). I felt like I was back in OHS in the TV4 lab working to finish my project before the building closed...OHS stays open much later however and so this time I was kicked out at 8. Still it was so satisfying. A few of my group members came to watch and throw in any ideas. I hate boastful people but just sitting in that chair and editing away as they stared complacently made me feel proud. I can't wait for next year. I'll get the chance to edit by splicing!!! YES! I'm coming Columbia!

Edit: I am a nerd. Period.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Back in the BG

Spring break went by all too quickly.

I am as of yesterday ( Sunday, march 11, 2007) a hired man. I'll be working this summer at King's Island at the local Cinncinati amusement park: King's Island.
My Job:

Park Security

I was pretty nervous going into the interview. My boss is a cop who is sanctioned to oversee all of the security staff in the park. I looked around the room to see the competition and saw mostly men in their 50s. The conversation amongst the other applicants started and then circled around the park's expectations concerning the appearance of the employees...This subject was prompted after one of the older gentlemen commented on my facial hair and eyebrow piercing...bastard. Basically they were explaining everything the park looks for in their employees and none of which did I adhere to. regardless of their accusations my boss, whom interviewed me, was impressed with my background in scouting and impressed with my responses to his questions, which I thought were extremely basic. Basically I pwned the interview. I will have to shave and get rid of the eyebrow ring but those are minor sacrifices. I'll be working as many hours as I want and feel comfortable working and will have a starting pay of $7.75. I'm extremely anxious to begin working this summer with a steady job that doesn't rely on tips.

Until then I need to bulk up. Who knows what situations I may be thrown into? My boss mentioned, amongst the 20,000 incidents reported last year some of them included:

missing children

Knife fights

fist fights

drunken fist fights

3 cars were reported stolen

and more that I can't remember offhand. I say bring it on! After I lift some lead and drink some protein shakes I'll be ready to take on the droves of assholes that pile into the park walls day in and day out...too bad I don't get a billy club or some mace...naw, I'll be fine. :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The other day a fellow film student from BG whom lives in the Cinncinati area drove over to my place to meet. We got dinner and then drove over to the local blockbuster where we were denied service due to an inactive card...not the first time this has happened to me. Afterwards we began to drive to the next movie store we knew of but before this happened the radio turned completely off...cue bad omen. We made the quick decision to pull over into a nearby driveway and just as we did so the car died. We were barely in the driveway when the woman of the house was trying to pull in to her driveway. Well after the master of the house came out and looked the car over we found that not only was the battery dead but the serpentine belt had tore and was absolutely no good. At this point it was certain we weren't going anywhere in that car. The kind couple let us inside their house out of the cold and offered us something to drink. I kindly responded no thanks. In the end my father came and piked us up and the man offered to guard the car ovvernight as he charged the battery. Problem solved. One thing the whole experince made me realize that no matter how untrusting society is of complete strangers, the fact is there are good people out there. They could have left us to deal with our problem...hell we could've been shady shysters waiting to take advantage of an unsuspecting couple. It gives me faith to see such unrestrained kindness.

Nature is Calling

I have the immense Urge to go camping. I mean real camping. Nothing but the wilderness and me. Somebody...please kidnap me and throw me out into the wilderness with only the clothes on my back, I beg of you.

Thanks but No Thanks

In other news...I was offered a job as an assistant manager at the local Meijer and enthusiastically declined. The prospect of the money was enticing but then I remembered there is this whole school thing...working full time would've severely difficult. It was quite the akward inteview...Maybe I'll get that job as security guard for King's Island, a local amusement park...That or something at Borders....I LOVE BORDERS! To be surrounded by good books,movies,and music all day would be unbelievably bearable, please call me in for an interview this week!

I end this post today with some genereal advice on handling newborn children:

Good Evening.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Confession of a Lovestruck College Boy I've got this kind of embarrasing confession I'd like to get off my chest...I'm in love. A sweet musique runs through my head when I hear her and my palms sweat and my knees begin to tremble uncontrollably...the embarrassing part...I'm in love with Leigh Nash. You may know her better as the real hot singer from Sixpence None the Richer the band that does that real sappy song Kiss Me:

Basically, everytime I hear her song Kiss Me ( and this just so happens to be quite often) I imagine that she is singing it to me...hence the whole sweating and knees thing. There. I've confessed my love and now I feel like I can take on the world...and propose to her...yes I know she's married...that's why we're going to elope to Australia or maybe Bangladesh. I learned how to play the guitar part so I can play along with her, then she can sing Kiss Me to me forever! YES! I'm gonna go start making up the invitations now. Bye Blogger! Hello Leigh Nash!

LEigh Nash - My Idea of Heaven

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I need a hobby

The first day of spring break and already the boredom sets in. Anyone wanna start a barbershop quartet?

Today is my birthday...kind of. Today is the day my family has decided to celebrate it. I can't wait till next year when I'll get a real birthday. Being born on a leap year sucks. It shouldn't be allowed. They shoud either pre-maturely birth you or just wait until the next day. Having a birthday once every 4 years just isn't right.

Anyone want a good read...try Erik Larson's Devil in the White City. Excellent non-fiction depiction of the planning of the 1893 world fair in Chicago and the events surrounding it...specifically the deaths of numerous women at the hands of a man named H.H. Holmes. Reads like a fiction, and then you remember it actually happened.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring Break?

Spring Break?

I've spent the past two nights awake in a computer lab working under my prime condition...PRESSURE! The work load was large - the work itself maticulous and seemingly pointless. Nevertheless, it is done and I begin my srping break here at my house in Loveland Ohio. Unfortunately...I'll probably be working even harder this week than this last week. The latter half of this semester is going to be real rough. I'm gonna try and get some of the work I know will be expected of me later out of the way now. Then when I'm not doing homework I'll be looking for job applications for my summer job/s. Spring break seems to be an extremely's more so spring week where I don't have to be at school but I have to work just as hard. Granted, I realize I will probably procrastinate and find other more extracurricular things to do around the house.


What are everybody elses plans for this spring break...if you're one of the two people I think might stumble over my blog here let me know. BTW if you two, Brian and Sarah, would be so kind as to maybe spread the word as to my blogs existence to those who might care that would be terrific!

well I'm gonna tinker around with photoshop! Bye Blogger!