Monday, March 12, 2007

Back in the BG

Spring break went by all too quickly.

I am as of yesterday ( Sunday, march 11, 2007) a hired man. I'll be working this summer at King's Island at the local Cinncinati amusement park: King's Island.
My Job:

Park Security

I was pretty nervous going into the interview. My boss is a cop who is sanctioned to oversee all of the security staff in the park. I looked around the room to see the competition and saw mostly men in their 50s. The conversation amongst the other applicants started and then circled around the park's expectations concerning the appearance of the employees...This subject was prompted after one of the older gentlemen commented on my facial hair and eyebrow piercing...bastard. Basically they were explaining everything the park looks for in their employees and none of which did I adhere to. regardless of their accusations my boss, whom interviewed me, was impressed with my background in scouting and impressed with my responses to his questions, which I thought were extremely basic. Basically I pwned the interview. I will have to shave and get rid of the eyebrow ring but those are minor sacrifices. I'll be working as many hours as I want and feel comfortable working and will have a starting pay of $7.75. I'm extremely anxious to begin working this summer with a steady job that doesn't rely on tips.

Until then I need to bulk up. Who knows what situations I may be thrown into? My boss mentioned, amongst the 20,000 incidents reported last year some of them included:

missing children

Knife fights

fist fights

drunken fist fights

3 cars were reported stolen

and more that I can't remember offhand. I say bring it on! After I lift some lead and drink some protein shakes I'll be ready to take on the droves of assholes that pile into the park walls day in and day out...too bad I don't get a billy club or some mace...naw, I'll be fine. :)

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