Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The other day a fellow film student from BG whom lives in the Cinncinati area drove over to my place to meet. We got dinner and then drove over to the local blockbuster where we were denied service due to an inactive card...not the first time this has happened to me. Afterwards we began to drive to the next movie store we knew of but before this happened the radio turned completely off...cue bad omen. We made the quick decision to pull over into a nearby driveway and just as we did so the car died. We were barely in the driveway when the woman of the house was trying to pull in to her driveway. Well after the master of the house came out and looked the car over we found that not only was the battery dead but the serpentine belt had tore and was absolutely no good. At this point it was certain we weren't going anywhere in that car. The kind couple let us inside their house out of the cold and offered us something to drink. I kindly responded no thanks. In the end my father came and piked us up and the man offered to guard the car ovvernight as he charged the battery. Problem solved. One thing the whole experince made me realize that no matter how untrusting society is of complete strangers, the fact is there are good people out there. They could have left us to deal with our problem...hell we could've been shady shysters waiting to take advantage of an unsuspecting couple. It gives me faith to see such unrestrained kindness.

Nature is Calling

I have the immense Urge to go camping. I mean real camping. Nothing but the wilderness and me. Somebody...please kidnap me and throw me out into the wilderness with only the clothes on my back, I beg of you.

Thanks but No Thanks

In other news...I was offered a job as an assistant manager at the local Meijer and enthusiastically declined. The prospect of the money was enticing but then I remembered there is this whole school thing...working full time would've severely difficult. It was quite the akward inteview...Maybe I'll get that job as security guard for King's Island, a local amusement park...That or something at Borders....I LOVE BORDERS! To be surrounded by good books,movies,and music all day would be unbelievably bearable, please call me in for an interview this week!

I end this post today with some genereal advice on handling newborn children:

Good Evening.

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