Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring Break?

Spring Break?

I've spent the past two nights awake in a computer lab working under my prime condition...PRESSURE! The work load was large - the work itself maticulous and seemingly pointless. Nevertheless, it is done and I begin my srping break here at my house in Loveland Ohio. Unfortunately...I'll probably be working even harder this week than this last week. The latter half of this semester is going to be real rough. I'm gonna try and get some of the work I know will be expected of me later out of the way now. Then when I'm not doing homework I'll be looking for job applications for my summer job/s. Spring break seems to be an extremely's more so spring week where I don't have to be at school but I have to work just as hard. Granted, I realize I will probably procrastinate and find other more extracurricular things to do around the house.


What are everybody elses plans for this spring break...if you're one of the two people I think might stumble over my blog here let me know. BTW if you two, Brian and Sarah, would be so kind as to maybe spread the word as to my blogs existence to those who might care that would be terrific!

well I'm gonna tinker around with photoshop! Bye Blogger!

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