Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Well it's either out of sheer chance or slight boredom but I've decided to maybe...Occasionally continue submitting entries here on my "Blog".

Just as a quick and very brief update/overview things aren't bad. I've had my surgery over the past summer and today I've found that I've became quite sedentary...Running 2 miles wasn't exactly easy.

While the summer was still mid-swing Chad, Michael Leali, Anthony Kayer, and myself finally formed the quartet that I was hoping to have formed last year...Better sometime than never, right? A few weeks ago I ordered us some red vests and bow ties through American male ( only 40 bucks ea.) and I got a call the other day so I gotta go pick those up...I'm excited. I really enjoy singing Barbershop style. It's brought me so much joy and understanding. We found a local barbershop chorus by the name of "The Lamplighters chorus" and have attended a few of their recent meetings. The first night we went there all of the older men's faces lit up with intrigue, and vitality coursed through them. I'm glad my friends and I could rekindle an interest that those men thought maybe only to be as a routine. We showed them that their music is respected and still being sung by young voices. They were so impressed with our ability and desire to sing with them to the point that we've been invited to sing with them at the Fall Convention at Peoria. I'm super excited!

Let's see what else

Hey I'm interested in whether or not anyone will read this post...So if you do make a comment or two. K? LOL.


So basically I'm Eagle scout as of now...I mean there are some legal things that have yet to be done but now it's just a process of waiting...So yup, I'm excited...It's been a long time and finally it's paid off. I guess I'm wrong in saying that it has Finally paid off. It's always been quite the experience. From day one I've only met good people and learned good things ranging from tying knots to understanding what a balloon loan is. I'll always have scouting as a part of my life. As much as I can and as often as I can afford I will try and repay the scouting program for all it's given me.

That's all for now. Peace out.

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