Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hey Finally an update!

Yeah sorry everyone I've left you all hanging with my time cube post...actually I've probably driven everyone away from my blog with that post. To put you all at ease Chad is a insane phuck and I don't believe in the theory.

New classes have begun and I have to admit I was reluctant to the change...except for acapella. Today was my first day of choir and I absolutely loved it. Acapella is going to rawk the hizz-ouse. I'm so happy to be in Acapella.

But mostly I'm happy to know the man who runs that class. Mr. Tieri along with being the most formidable man is among the few trusted men I know of. I would trust my life with Mr. T. He's helped me to learn so much to do with music and life in general. When I first saw him I thought I'd never get a chance even to be in his presence...seriously. Know that I've found that to be silly I've had many a inspiring conversation with him. He's so eloquent and yet very down to earth. In his bluntness he strips all the lies and sets out the truths in life's chaos...and he's in the fucking mafia so he's totally loaded. I bet he's got a shotgun in his piano just waiting for Barnes to encroach on his turf. HOLY SHIT how awesome would that be. A fucking turf war between drama/speech and choir/band. That's it I'm gonna start writing the novel now. It'll be 2005's epic story of love family values and enough ammo to outshoot the other guy. Explosions in every scene. A love triangle between Mr. B his wife Donna B and Pappas. What will Tieri do when he discovers his underboss is involved with the other boss. Small turf disputes turn to family feud. Love to loathing and the chance to come out on top...hehe come....on top...two sexual innuendos in one sentence. I PHUCKING RAWK. No but really Tieri is pretty damn solid...::chortle::

Tonight we had freshman orientation and I oversaw the Drama dept.'s booth. I saw a lot of potential drama'll see. Fingers crossed. As for speech.......well nobody seemed interested. Why I ask. I mean I understand it may seem somewhat boring at first. I dunno I really tried to explain it thoroughly. Nobody seemed to enthusiastic or they just put on their oh-you're-talking-to-me-about-something face. Oh well. They'll regret not joining later.

Sorry at this point you've probably skimmed through the last paragragh trying to salvage some bit of an interesting t.o.c.(topic of conversation). I should have warned you at the beginning. There really isn't one I guess. Life has been very routine lately. I wake up go to school stay at school bum a ride home since the car is broken and then I do homework. Practice the many things I have to in order to be a performer and then around an ungodly hour I crawl into bed to get at least a few hours of sleep before I hit the repeat button and the day seems to repeat itself maybe in a first or second inversion of the root day. Other than that. I'd like to add to everyone's knowledge of myself that I do enjoy occasional and for the most part spontaneous back rubs or firm handshakes(only if your hands are dry{Dave}). So yeah. I'm trying to hint to everyone that I could use one of the two...preferably if your male the back rub shouldn't happen. Not that it'd be awkward it's just that I don't think I'd be comfortable with that. Yeah.

just for fun and maybe a little discussion amongst people I'll throw out the idea of starting up D.A.S again. If you know what it is and would like it to have another chance post accordingly. If you know not what it is talk to me accordingly. Or just talk to me.

Don't do drugs. Inject them.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Okay, I'm about to blow your minds wide open. I've heard of this "silly" thing for quite some time but honestly I've been changed. how you may ask. well the answer is quite simple...the time cube theory. I don't know if any of you know about this theory...I'd explain it on my blog but It would be a waste of a man's hard work. So to get the scoop on Ray and his theory go here:

Now before you say,"Joe! what the hell is wrong with you," let me tell you if you have no faith in your elders then you are a waste. this man is trying to enlighten us. The world is definately more complex than we all expect it to be. i've been tying to find the answer since day 1 and finally this genious old man has put it into perspective for me. right now I'd like to rant on more but I really must go. i've got letters to send to the other 3 quadrants of the earth. I've so much to catch up on! Remember:

Faith IS NOT knowledge.

Tonight i've got a meeting for the absolute wonderful Limelight Theatre! I'm so happy that I'm going to be helping out. I can't d too much with the fresh soph show since I'm a junior so this is a nice deal. I've read the script in two night. It's really funny. I've already got ideas runnin gthrough my head. when I should really be working on my OC. Oh well. More 'nfo later.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Speech meet


I'm probably the only one who is going to say that I had a great time at my speech meet. It was a roller coaster of emotion for me. I went through a tired state, a discouraged state, an energetic state, and a psyched state. I had a great time the other day and when I got home I was way too tired to do anything except sleep. Wait, I lie. I did go to Chad's house to eat pizza. As I promised here is a small run through of my day. Due to IHS rules though i was prohibited from taking pictures during rounds. But I did get some pictures. Here is how a day at speech tends to go:

Heres what time I went to sleep friday night:

I woke up saturday at:

Boy I was ready for a funfilled day of speech!

After getting all dressed and meeting everybody at our school we get on the bus...for an hour drive.

Chad and I used my guitar to write a song for the speech team. If you want to hear it just ask and I'll have Chad and I sing it for you at the next meet fellow speechers. If you aren't a speecher just ask we'll be happy to oblige...believe me the pleasure is ours HEHEHE...Good times.

Here we've arrived at Buffalo Ridge, the school hosting this weeks meet. Mike here isn't sure what the hell he's doing...ha...duckpants....anyway the more important aspect of this photo is on top of that blue case there. YEP! it's rice on Your Shirt. I'll apogize now and say he's not in too many other pictures like I said he'd be. But I do believe my fate at this meet was guided by that little guy. his spirit was with me all day!

Here's what a speech room looks like. You sit in a chair a coach comes in and then you give him/her your filled out critique sheet. during the performance the judge takes down notes and advice for you on your presentation. Then afterwards the judge gives you a score 1-6 or 7 or more depending on the size of your room. 1's are the best. each speech is usually about 8 minutes long but sometimes somebody sux and goes over(which they get deducted for)this throws everything outta whack and pisses everone off at the meet because it usually sends the whole meet into having to stay longer. Which by the way did happen at this meet. I think there were also problems in the tab room (where they tally all the scores and assign awards). The room looks like it hasn't much space but that's because...well actually it really doesn't...ha. it's hard sometimes. As for the kid in this picture...he's a real shmuck! He's really monotone and his OC...isn't funny. Oh well can't all be born with the ability can we...SUCKAS!

After all the rounds are done and everyone is back in the lunch room we wait for the finalist posters to go up. right away when I got out of my HDA round I find out that I made the OC next-in finals.WOOT WOOT! (next in is like, you're good but you're not good enough for the actual finals...but you'll still compete for a little medalion!) So just when I thought I could relax i'm looking for the room and running my OC in my head.

Here's the room my next-ins were in. I was so happy to actually have space this time. Yeah that's trigger in the picture there. He sadly didn't make it in anything today...tough luck. He was so depressed he started perfoming his DI here in the OC room and when people came in he got plenty of dirty stares...just kidding...he's got a big dick, he didn't cry.

Ah yes look who surprisingly made...BOBO THE FUCKING CLOWN! God I hate this kid.

I did awsome in that round. I had tons of energy...almost too much energy. Story: So whenever beginning a speech and ending a speech it's normal to give a little head bow. Now by the end of my OC I had built up so much energy that when I went in to give my end speech head bow I did about the dorkiest thing ever. I went into my head bow more like a head bang. If you'd like just ask me to reenact the act if you run into me somewhere...Trigger will back me up when I mean i looked PHUCKING ridiculous. Ah well. I loved it!

As soon as i got out of that round I went to go wait for awards...BUT! It turned out my HORRIBLE HDA made next-ins too. I was absolutely surprised. We had done horrible all day long. Leali and i got ready and found our room right away.

We had to wait a long LONG time. I don't know what happened to our judge but she must've gone out to get dinner before deciding to come judge our event. We were waiting for about 45 minutes for that wench. I didn't care I was just in awe that we were there.

This is a rare in action photo. Taking pictures during performances is illegal and thanks to Trigger's ignorance he took one anyway. Thanks Trigger...bad quality sorry. We actually did really good here in our final round. we were in absolute awe! a sense of pride welled up in both of us.

Thank for watching my HDA Trigger...wait what are these pictures? You horny bastard!

Here is our only actual Finalist members...wait, is it...the Hoch is there...but who's Berverka? Hahaha, we love you Jessi!

when everything is done we all pile into the auditorium of the school and we get called for our awards...heheheh yeah about that i forgot about my camera whilst I was there so no can use your imagnation it's a room filled with all the billions(overdramatization) of speechers huddled up and yelling and making a rucous till they call awards and then we applaude. YAY!

Well after 8 performances, no lunch or dinner, very little time to myself, and a short bathroom break i was ready to head home...




...with my TWO MEDALS...

Third in OC next-ins and 2nd in HDA next-ins...WOOT WOOT.

The true heroes that day were Jessi and Mike who broke for HDA getting 3rd place overall. Jessi speaks for them both with her smile.

Well that's about it. I put out a heart felt congratulations to everyone who went to the other meet. you guys tried your hardest I heard. you'll all have to give me the scoop sometime.

I hope you all enjoyed my post. I have to credit all of what happened to me that day to one of my closest friends...yes...Rice on your shirt------Get some sleep lil buddy...we have to do it all over again next week.


i'm probably the only one who is going to say that I had a great time at my speech meet. It was a roller coaster of emotion for me. I went through a tired state a discouraged state a energetic state and a psyched state. I had a great time the other day and when I got home i was way too tired to do anythin except sleep. Wait I lie. I did go to Chad's house to eat pizza. As I promised here is a small run through of my day. Due to IHS rules though i was prohibited from taking pictures during rounds. But I did get some pictures. Here is how a day a speech tends to go:

Heres what time I went to sleep friday night:

I woke up saturday at:

Boy I was ready for a funfilled day of speech!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Rice On Your Shirt!


Watch out erebody cuz Joe is stepping it up for tomorrow's big SPEECH MEET!


I'm gonna wake up at some ungodly hour but on my best dress clothes and head out to kick some other speech nerd's ass!!!! YEAH!....Sorry I apologize for this. Speech should never be built up this's actually a very tame and to most a very boring sport....but there are the few like myself who will claim again and again that to gget my kicks ... yes i give speeches.

I'e decided since maybe some readers have never been to a speech meet I'd take you there myself. So...I'm going to bring my camera to the speech meet tomorrow and post pictures as i track my day through all my rounds and other crazy antics that occur while speeching. i'll also bbe bringing my good luck charm with me to the meet so you may see him in a few (alot) of the pictures.

His name is rice on your shirt and he's my lil wormy....QUE PICTURE!:

Wish me the best of luck yall!
I the best of luck at...whatever you do tomorrow...just don't die that'd be sad....unless your death is done in a DI format...then you should go to first place at state for your performance.

Man(and woman) I'm tired. Good night.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Notice the uncanny resemblance...I do. All who agree post accordingly all who don't keep it to yourselves. you're only hurting yourselves by not conforming. Sorry sarah the best match i could find had you doing the dirty to the worries we all love you. Even if you do flick off everyone who visits my site.

No explanation of today...I was sick and many a toilet in my house was thrown up in...yes blunt but true. I'm going to sleep now. wish me well. I wish you all well.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Another Tuesday

Yeah so let the good times roll. Showchoir tonight was lots of fun. Alumn Adrian aguilar came back to show us a dance routine he made for our showwchoir comp. It's really good. It's flows well and is actuall very simple. It's flashy though so i think it'll catch the judges eyes. Dad is outta town for a few day. Wow I don't know why i typed that...probably doesn't intterest any of you. oh well it's my blog and I can cry if i want to cry if I want to.

Wow i'm broken tonight.

Probably due to the lack of sleep I've been getting.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!: Everybody needs to look at my side bar and go to Vladimir's blog. so far I've been the only poster. Which makes Vlad feel insignificant. He hasn't told me that he feels insignificant but I've come to the conclusion that because i've been his only poster he yeah...GO NOW! Just because he's russian doesn't mean he still holds to their ideals. (well most of them that is)

Edit: Oh sorry about the lack of that surprise i's not workin like I hoped it would oh well you won't die. If you do...I'll take all responsibilty for you're death.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Well I'm having some trouble with how I want to go with my template but expect it to be worked on gradually.

I'm looking forward to speech meet this weekend. I'm going to be double entered in oc and HDA. This week I am actually excited about the meet. I am a lot more confident about my pieces now.

Tomorrow everyone is in for a little treat . Be sure to check my blog.

Oh by the way I'm writing this blog with a dictating program. This whole blog has been dictated to my microphone. I haven't typed any of this entire post. Suckers.

If you want a copy of the program let me know.