Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hey Finally an update!

Yeah sorry everyone I've left you all hanging with my time cube post...actually I've probably driven everyone away from my blog with that post. To put you all at ease Chad is a insane phuck and I don't believe in the theory.

New classes have begun and I have to admit I was reluctant to the change...except for acapella. Today was my first day of choir and I absolutely loved it. Acapella is going to rawk the hizz-ouse. I'm so happy to be in Acapella.

But mostly I'm happy to know the man who runs that class. Mr. Tieri along with being the most formidable man is among the few trusted men I know of. I would trust my life with Mr. T. He's helped me to learn so much to do with music and life in general. When I first saw him I thought I'd never get a chance even to be in his presence...seriously. Know that I've found that to be silly I've had many a inspiring conversation with him. He's so eloquent and yet very down to earth. In his bluntness he strips all the lies and sets out the truths in life's chaos...and he's in the fucking mafia so he's totally loaded. I bet he's got a shotgun in his piano just waiting for Barnes to encroach on his turf. HOLY SHIT how awesome would that be. A fucking turf war between drama/speech and choir/band. That's it I'm gonna start writing the novel now. It'll be 2005's epic story of love family values and enough ammo to outshoot the other guy. Explosions in every scene. A love triangle between Mr. B his wife Donna B and Pappas. What will Tieri do when he discovers his underboss is involved with the other boss. Small turf disputes turn to family feud. Love to loathing and the chance to come out on top...hehe come....on top...two sexual innuendos in one sentence. I PHUCKING RAWK. No but really Tieri is pretty damn solid...::chortle::

Tonight we had freshman orientation and I oversaw the Drama dept.'s booth. I saw a lot of potential drama'll see. Fingers crossed. As for speech.......well nobody seemed interested. Why I ask. I mean I understand it may seem somewhat boring at first. I dunno I really tried to explain it thoroughly. Nobody seemed to enthusiastic or they just put on their oh-you're-talking-to-me-about-something face. Oh well. They'll regret not joining later.

Sorry at this point you've probably skimmed through the last paragragh trying to salvage some bit of an interesting t.o.c.(topic of conversation). I should have warned you at the beginning. There really isn't one I guess. Life has been very routine lately. I wake up go to school stay at school bum a ride home since the car is broken and then I do homework. Practice the many things I have to in order to be a performer and then around an ungodly hour I crawl into bed to get at least a few hours of sleep before I hit the repeat button and the day seems to repeat itself maybe in a first or second inversion of the root day. Other than that. I'd like to add to everyone's knowledge of myself that I do enjoy occasional and for the most part spontaneous back rubs or firm handshakes(only if your hands are dry{Dave}). So yeah. I'm trying to hint to everyone that I could use one of the two...preferably if your male the back rub shouldn't happen. Not that it'd be awkward it's just that I don't think I'd be comfortable with that. Yeah.

just for fun and maybe a little discussion amongst people I'll throw out the idea of starting up D.A.S again. If you know what it is and would like it to have another chance post accordingly. If you know not what it is talk to me accordingly. Or just talk to me.

Don't do drugs. Inject them.

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