Tuesday, February 01, 2005

So here it is people. Speech is done for me. i've already got Ideas for next years OC though. I can't wait. I also want to search and find my Hda for next year.

Oh by the way...yeah so I kinda ran into a problem with my camera and it doesn't work anymore so don't expect photos for awhile. I need to get a new camera and I am definately broke.

I apologize for not updating recently. I've ebeen very preoccupied. But I'm getting better with my routine now. I'm not pulling all nighters anymore. I've actually felt really well lately. I've been just chugging away at my extracurriculars and school doesn't seem a burden at all. I guess with speech being over and al,l all the stress of that is lifted from me. As much as I love speech I know that half way through next years season I'll dread it to a degree. and then notice how much I'll miss it yet be thankful i did it once I move on the the real world.

I'm Directing for Limelight now and anytime i get to work alongside Brian and crew I'm in heaven. It's just a little show but I'm having fun actually brainstorming ideas and having a say in what goes on stage for the whole cast that has to perform the show in the end. i'll be posting more info on that at a later date.


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