Sunday, February 06, 2005

OKay here goes. nobody and I mean nobody PHUCKS with The Griffin!

So for everyone out there outta the loop (which is everyone) I've been encroached on. Today I went over to Chad O'brien's house to watch ray and when I left I got in my car. I began driving away and when I went to go look in my side mirror I noticed some writing. specificalyy three letters. LBC. So I pulled over to the side of the road got out and looked at it closer...hmm that's odd. it's lipstick. I call chad up. Hey chad ....(I tell him story as thus far) you know anything about this or what the deal with LBC is? Chad: no. oh hey is there white shit on the back of your car? Joe's internal thoughts: what the fuck? So I walk to the back and notice LBC written again only this time in like white sauce. It smelled like ice cream. and on the sides of my car in the shape of a heart was more icecream sauce. So now I'm pretty damned scared. I head off and call up Katie thinking they're still at te Hoch's. they aren't they're at Kyle's. So I head over there and show them the damage and at this point I'm done. I just need to figure out who this is.

I'd also like to point out a few flaws to those who have done this little job:

1.The hit I admit was original wasn't that big of one. left initials that may help us figure you out left a friggin comment on my blog....That pretty much narrows it dow alot. may have a name as a disguise but I've got your IP from Haloscan comment providers and all I have to do know is match up your IP with one you've used before. You can change your name but you can't change your IP.

Oh you've started it LBC. I'll make sure to finish it...just you wait.

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