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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Finals week is upon me and I didn't even know it. I was under the impression for so long that I had at least two more weeks of classes but during a conversation with Adam I realized more week...Time to buckle down. I just can't wait for this semester to end and then it's off to visit Dave, Jess, and baby Jillian!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gone For Good: Shoot Day Summary

Busy busy weekend!  About two and a half weeks ago I finally had an idea for a film.  The title is:  Gone For Good.  It's a funny little story of a typo that sends our protagonist (Elliot Nevills) into a fit of remorse and identity crisis.  Emily Bennett plays Elliot's significant other (in real life as well) and she leaves the note containing the typo.

I'm really excited about this film because:

A) I know my actors from High School
B) It's in color
C) There's sync sound (Courtesy of Gunnar Jebsen(Thanks Gunnar))
D) Extreme close ups of potted meat
E) Cross dressing
F) And unlike the stuff I shot last year this film is funny!

I threw together my two films last year and because of that I shot a thriller and a horror film.  Genres that don't do too much for me.  This time I think I wrote something that's truly funny and will make people smile and even laugh.  The shear fact that I'm as big of a Tim and Eric fanboy surprises me that it took this long for me to do something like Gone For Good.

I will admit though the film didn't come without trial and tribulation.  I could spend all night typing out a detailed recap of the night before my shoot and the morning of but instead I'll summarize my troubles in a list :D :

1. My $300 Bogen tripod broke the night before.
This lead to me having to resort to using a cheap plastic still camera tripod which I had to reinforce in order for it to withstand the 50lbs Bolex.  This issue wasted the most of my time since I tried fixing anyway I could.  Yet to no avail.  you can bet I'm taking it back to central camera for my manufacturer's warranty.
2. Two of my partners from class couldn't make the shoot to help me out.
This was actually kind of a blessing in disguise because with Adam, Gunnar, Elliot and Emily we were doing just fine.  Not to mention that was reaching our apartment's max capacity.
3. I forget to ask for a Grey card from the Film Cage.
This is important for color film so that the developer can tint the film correctly.  I looked everywhere online for a printable grey card but to no avail.  Luckily in the morning Gunnar did another search and he found one . . . hopefully it will work but by no means was printing a grey card a recommended thing to do.
4. I woke up later than I intended in the morning.
This is my own fault but the CTA saved me and made everybody else late too.
5. I blew one of the two circuits in our apartment.
This lead to me running up and down from our apartment to the basement about 4 times trying to get the switch the right way to give back power to the living room so I could turn the ceramic heater on so we wouldn't have to wear coats indoors.
6. I forgot my debit card on my run to Dunkin Donuts.
This meant I had to run back to the apartment. . . probably the least of my troubles but at this point I had about 10 minutes before people would start showing up.

okay so I extrapolated a bit. :/

The shoot went incredibly smooth! :D

I've already sent an e-mail to everyone involved expressing my thanks but I'd just like to put out a more public thanks to everyone:

To Elliot and Emily
for being so willing to act for me.  A little potted meat never hurt anybody.

To Adam
For being absolutely and positively helpful in the most possible ways.  Your friendship and will to do things right the first time are priceless.  We talked about fate the other day briefly and I have to think that me meeting you is a prime example of fate.

To Gunnar
For being such a great friend.  I can't imagine how much I would've had to pay for somebody to provide me the services you offer out of friendship.

To Wayne
For plowing forward and your insight.

And to everyone caught up in the madness while they tried living their lives: Erin, Kim, Gill
Most people wouldn't put up with my nonsense on such a consistent basis.

I'd be lost without you all!

Well now that the ball is rolling I'll keep everyone updated here all the way up to the completion of Gone For Good.  Stay tuned.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Latest Endeavors

Mid terms were about three weeks back and as soon as they were done I was ready for something very extracurricular!  So I bought a Ticket to see Crystal Castles at the Metro.  Now I love Crystal Castles just as much as the standard hipster but I am by no means a hipster so for the once in my life I found myself being a poser.  I went to the Ark thrift store down the street (a jewish run thrift store with pretty much anything and everything on God's green earth) and once there I bought a pair of red jeans way too small for me and I borrowed a black snap up cowboy style shirt from Gunnar.  I would've worn a bandana but I couldn't get ahold of one but the costume was good enough...I got to the Metro early but there was still a line down the length of the black with hipsters...low and behold...they were all wearing combinations of red and black shirts and jeans.  It was cold out and we waited outside the metro about an hour after the doors were supposed to open...the line got obscenely long.  When we finally got in I found a spot up in front of the stage and psyched myself up.  It was the best concert I've been to.  I went by myself for no other reason other than nobody was up to willingly beating people up and get beaten up.  Two opening acts were okay and pretty mellow but as soon as CC came out...which was a long wait...mayhem ensued!  The crowd lost it and the clusterknuck of bodies began!  Here's what it looked like:


Holding the strobe

(complete with batman shirt and strobe)

Mid strobe

A concert not for the weak.

Alice crowd surfed during the second song and during Crimewave she reached out and grabbed my arm with one hand and held the mic with the other......I was going absolutely CRAZY.  After their last song she threw the mic into the crowd and then they left the stage.  I left the metro completely soaked in sweat, mine and everybody else's.  I left the concert changed...If you don't know Crystal Castles, go listen!

Oh and then Halloween.  Here's some pics of that too:

The family

My Pump

Kim's pump with Darce

My pump with Darce

Kim and I stayed home that night carved pumpkins, ate pumpkin pie and watched the Addam's Family movie.  Good times.  Surprisingly despite midterms being over things only seem to be getting busier...that's Production II's fault.  Shooting my first film this semester on Sunday.  Should be fun!  I got Eliot Nevills and Emily Bennett to be my couple in the film.  The working title is Gone for Good and there's a good chance I'll just keep it that way.  Don't let the title mislead's definately a comedy...I had to do a comedy.  My two films last year were way too serious for my usual taste.  I mean for christ sake, I'm a Tim and Eric can I not do something funny or at least demented?  It'll be awhile before I can post it online but I'll most definately keep an updated log on how production and post goes.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's been awhile since the last update but nonetheless it's here.  It's my Junior your and things have been pretty good so far.  I live up in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago and The cast is the same as last season.  It's Adam Erin Kim and myself.  HEH Funny to think that I haven't disclosed this info yet on here...

Classes (in order of attendaence):

Post Production Audio 1
Production II
Abnormal Psych
History of the American City

Pretty BA lineup in my opinion.  Production II and PPA1 are heating up and about two weeks ago midterms were had but never to fear as I PWNed 'em all.

Oh be sure to check out the new music lineup down at the bottom of my page!  First track should be a raw recording of Gunnar and myself playing two covers by the Kings of Convenience.  Good stuff!

well gotta go...Erin has recruitred me to help take Darcy (our Tabby) to get spayed (have her female part augmented)  should be fun...


I'm an Uncle!  Have been since october 30th.  Her name is Jillian Griffin!  JG...good initials! :)  I can't be more proud!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uncle Joey

Well this post is way late in the making and with no excuse whatsoever.

I'm gonna be uncle Joey!!!!!!

My older bro Dave and his wife are expecting a baby! I've actually known now for a long time. When I came back from spring break the big announcement was made. Dave and Jess had arrived in town a day or two before me and although my plans were for a short spring break I was ecstatic to get to see them since they live VA. I arrived late that night and so I didn't get to see Dave or Jess till the morning ...I knew something was up because things seemed different somehow. I had slept in a little since arriving so late but I roused myself with some help I'm sure from someone...when I got upstairs I hugged Dave and Jess and then noticed that my mom and dad were wearing somewhat matching first I just passed it off since I already accept how odd they can be sometimes (a trait I swear I didn't inherit ... :) ) As they were fixing lunch I slowly came out of my trance and then it finally hit me...I looked at my parents' shirts and noticed they weren't just odd...they were REALLY ODD! My mother's simply said "Grandma to (be)." be was replaced by a graphic of a bee. My dad's said "dad's know a lot but Grandpas know everything" and had a graphic depicting an elderly gentlemen. Although I registered what the shirts said I still hadn't grasped the implication until everyone Dave, Jess, Ma, Pa, Andrew, and Ryan all glared straight at wait. Then it hit me - I got the quite obvious message and was caught speechless!


Hugs and kisses exchanged and to this moment as I type this post I'm still wrapping my head around this monumental event. It has been almost 9 years since our family has gained a member...if you don't count Bandit or Shirl. I can't post in this entry whether it's a boy or girl because if my information is straight then my dad is waiting for the birthday to find out.

To explain in this post the utter joy this news of a new family member brings me would be a crime. Rather, you should ask me yourself when you see me and I would be much more accurate in such explanation both verbally and gesturally.

For now it's a waiting game but when the day comes you can be sure there will be ample amounts of play by play coverage. :D

That's all. I'm a happy man!...Uncle!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Back in Loveland

It's been two weeks since I've arrived back home in Ohio. Spring semester ended at Columbia on a good note with As and Bs across the board. Since I've been back I've had some time to finally focus on a few projects of my own.

One project that I'm really excited to finally not only have the time but also the means of which to perform is transferring all my family's old analog video to DVD and then also to the internet. It's a fun project not only because I love video and anything to do with it but some of these Hi8 tapes haven't seen the light of day in years. I found stuff from back when I was a little boy and all the way up to when I was performing in the fresh/soph show for my high school. This project is way overdue and the importance of saving these memories from being lost is of importance not only for me but for my whole family.

A more recent project has arisen in only the past few days here. My father must think I have some talent in video production because he has indirectly volunteered me for an even more weighty video project putting together a 5-6 minute portrait of the Cincinnati division of Proctor & Gamble for his boss Bill. My dad offered the challenge and after I did some preliminary research gathering information on rental houses and pricing the costs of such a production I've concluded that not only is it possible but I would be privileged to be the one to put it together. I spoke with my father's boss and we exchanged expectations and some basic ideas. Tomorrow morning I'm going into Cincinnati with my father to do some location scouting and to get a better idea for my project outline. I'm aiming high here and I look forward to slapping this one on my resume...a project for the likes of P&G is something to boast about.

Oh and on top of all this I just so happen to be working 40 hours a week and come mid June I'll be taking an online class...

so much for summer :/

speaking of work...I walked in the other day and guess what was playing over the intercom.....Rick Atsley....My workplace Rick Rolled me at 9a.m. C,mon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Father Wrote the Play: by Leeland Greenmess


Here it is...the long awaited premiere of Father Wrote the Play: by Leeland Greenmess. If you haven't heard of it then that's okay but now that it's here you should definately tune in. If you want up to date ... updates on progress made in the series then get a Vimeo account at and join the Father wrote the play channel! The story follows Leeland Greenmess on his quest to direct his fathers last play: The Haunted Conifer. Leelas journey begins when his father dies and bids him to go and direct the play. Although Leeland is hesitant at first he knows that as his father's dying wish he must go through with directing his father's play. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Cahoots from Joseph Griffin on Vimeo.

Well here it is...My first 16mm film. I think I did alright. although exposure seems a bit overexposed at time I promise that when you watch the straight projection it's fine...stupid DV. Anyway watch for the scene where I'm running behind Sam and you might see a glimpse of the tree that I hit and then try and find my one continuity error.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The long awaited release of one of my first ever feature length (approx. 8min) films is here. I found this forgotten project a long time ago. I saved all my video projects onto my external hard drive before moving out for school even before I went to BG and I have just recently started mulling through the archives. The embedded film is one of those archived creations. I made this abridged version of Hamlet for a group project for British Lit. during my senior year of high-school. Tig was my partner and to be honest...I don't know where he's gone now after school. Anyway, here's the film and be sure to watch it through to the end for the special reading by my brother Ryan.

Hamlet from Joseph Griffin on Vimeo.