Monday, May 26, 2008

Back in Loveland

It's been two weeks since I've arrived back home in Ohio. Spring semester ended at Columbia on a good note with As and Bs across the board. Since I've been back I've had some time to finally focus on a few projects of my own.

One project that I'm really excited to finally not only have the time but also the means of which to perform is transferring all my family's old analog video to DVD and then also to the internet. It's a fun project not only because I love video and anything to do with it but some of these Hi8 tapes haven't seen the light of day in years. I found stuff from back when I was a little boy and all the way up to when I was performing in the fresh/soph show for my high school. This project is way overdue and the importance of saving these memories from being lost is of importance not only for me but for my whole family.

A more recent project has arisen in only the past few days here. My father must think I have some talent in video production because he has indirectly volunteered me for an even more weighty video project putting together a 5-6 minute portrait of the Cincinnati division of Proctor & Gamble for his boss Bill. My dad offered the challenge and after I did some preliminary research gathering information on rental houses and pricing the costs of such a production I've concluded that not only is it possible but I would be privileged to be the one to put it together. I spoke with my father's boss and we exchanged expectations and some basic ideas. Tomorrow morning I'm going into Cincinnati with my father to do some location scouting and to get a better idea for my project outline. I'm aiming high here and I look forward to slapping this one on my resume...a project for the likes of P&G is something to boast about.

Oh and on top of all this I just so happen to be working 40 hours a week and come mid June I'll be taking an online class...

so much for summer :/

speaking of work...I walked in the other day and guess what was playing over the intercom.....Rick Atsley....My workplace Rick Rolled me at 9a.m. C,mon!

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Brian said...

I got Rickrolled at the CVS yesterday buying batteries for Limelight. And then I sang that damn song all night long...