Friday, November 07, 2008

Latest Endeavors

Mid terms were about three weeks back and as soon as they were done I was ready for something very extracurricular!  So I bought a Ticket to see Crystal Castles at the Metro.  Now I love Crystal Castles just as much as the standard hipster but I am by no means a hipster so for the once in my life I found myself being a poser.  I went to the Ark thrift store down the street (a jewish run thrift store with pretty much anything and everything on God's green earth) and once there I bought a pair of red jeans way too small for me and I borrowed a black snap up cowboy style shirt from Gunnar.  I would've worn a bandana but I couldn't get ahold of one but the costume was good enough...I got to the Metro early but there was still a line down the length of the black with hipsters...low and behold...they were all wearing combinations of red and black shirts and jeans.  It was cold out and we waited outside the metro about an hour after the doors were supposed to open...the line got obscenely long.  When we finally got in I found a spot up in front of the stage and psyched myself up.  It was the best concert I've been to.  I went by myself for no other reason other than nobody was up to willingly beating people up and get beaten up.  Two opening acts were okay and pretty mellow but as soon as CC came out...which was a long wait...mayhem ensued!  The crowd lost it and the clusterknuck of bodies began!  Here's what it looked like:


Holding the strobe

(complete with batman shirt and strobe)

Mid strobe

A concert not for the weak.

Alice crowd surfed during the second song and during Crimewave she reached out and grabbed my arm with one hand and held the mic with the other......I was going absolutely CRAZY.  After their last song she threw the mic into the crowd and then they left the stage.  I left the metro completely soaked in sweat, mine and everybody else's.  I left the concert changed...If you don't know Crystal Castles, go listen!

Oh and then Halloween.  Here's some pics of that too:

The family

My Pump

Kim's pump with Darce

My pump with Darce

Kim and I stayed home that night carved pumpkins, ate pumpkin pie and watched the Addam's Family movie.  Good times.  Surprisingly despite midterms being over things only seem to be getting busier...that's Production II's fault.  Shooting my first film this semester on Sunday.  Should be fun!  I got Eliot Nevills and Emily Bennett to be my couple in the film.  The working title is Gone for Good and there's a good chance I'll just keep it that way.  Don't let the title mislead's definately a comedy...I had to do a comedy.  My two films last year were way too serious for my usual taste.  I mean for christ sake, I'm a Tim and Eric can I not do something funny or at least demented?  It'll be awhile before I can post it online but I'll most definately keep an updated log on how production and post goes.

Stay tuned.

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