Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's been awhile since the last update but nonetheless it's here.  It's my Junior your and things have been pretty good so far.  I live up in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago and The cast is the same as last season.  It's Adam Erin Kim and myself.  HEH Funny to think that I haven't disclosed this info yet on here...

Classes (in order of attendaence):

Post Production Audio 1
Production II
Abnormal Psych
History of the American City

Pretty BA lineup in my opinion.  Production II and PPA1 are heating up and about two weeks ago midterms were had but never to fear as I PWNed 'em all.

Oh be sure to check out the new music lineup down at the bottom of my page!  First track should be a raw recording of Gunnar and myself playing two covers by the Kings of Convenience.  Good stuff!

well gotta go...Erin has recruitred me to help take Darcy (our Tabby) to get spayed (have her female part augmented)  should be fun...


I'm an Uncle!  Have been since october 30th.  Her name is Jillian Griffin!  JG...good initials! :)  I can't be more proud!

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