Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Another Tuesday

Yeah so let the good times roll. Showchoir tonight was lots of fun. Alumn Adrian aguilar came back to show us a dance routine he made for our showwchoir comp. It's really good. It's flows well and is actuall very simple. It's flashy though so i think it'll catch the judges eyes. Dad is outta town for a few day. Wow I don't know why i typed that...probably doesn't intterest any of you. oh well it's my blog and I can cry if i want to cry if I want to.

Wow i'm broken tonight.

Probably due to the lack of sleep I've been getting.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!: Everybody needs to look at my side bar and go to Vladimir's blog. so far I've been the only poster. Which makes Vlad feel insignificant. He hasn't told me that he feels insignificant but I've come to the conclusion that because i've been his only poster he yeah...GO NOW! Just because he's russian doesn't mean he still holds to their ideals. (well most of them that is)

Edit: Oh sorry about the lack of that surprise i's not workin like I hoped it would oh well you won't die. If you do...I'll take all responsibilty for you're death.

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