Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Gots Tha Bloos

Not really...I do have a 30 dollar Hohner diatonic harmonica however. I've wanted to pick up playing harmonica for a reasonably long time and I thought what better reason to prompt me to do so than to buy a rather expensive one and let the guilt of wasting the money on it drive me to play it well...and success. It has been the best thirty dollars I've spent so far this year. Over the course of the two days that I've had it, thanks to some online tutorials and hours of intentionally winding myself till my diaphram hurt, I have mastered many aspects of harmonica playing and even taken on some rather expert techniquey kinds of things like bending notes. Here's some eye candy:

Today was my first day of two for introductory on site King's Island security training...basically from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening I watched various bad speakers read material straight off a power-point presentation. This gave me plenty of time to size up the comp. While doing so I noticed I was a minority. I hadn't experienced a war. LOL Every single security guard (except for one but he looked like Farva from super troopers so that made up for him) had experienced some time in the service in either Vietnam or Desert Storm...A lot of Vietnam vets. My next thought was maybe I should look out for the well being of the other security guards in addition to the patrons...who knows when they're gonna have a flashback of napalm and punji stakes. Okay I'm exaggerating a bit...there were some other college kids too. But still...

Last little picture here...I was driving around downtown Loveland this evening and I happened to pass a canoe rental place...upon passing it I noticed a sort of land mark. It was a canoe that had been turned into an art piece. On it was a little tune painted out and I noticed something rather peculiar about it...I had SANG that tune not but a year ago almost consecutively everyday...The very first song I sang with my barbershop quartet back during my junior year of highschool was a song called "I'd Love to Live in Loveland". I always that it was a strange circumstance that my family decided to move to a town named after a song I had sang...Well here take a look at this:

It's really something to see parts of your life fit together in strange little witty ways like this. Granted there is a bit of an amendment to the lyrics for the sake of advertising for the rental place but the tune is there and the thought does count.

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