Friday, April 06, 2007

Here it is...the last few weeks of my freshman year of college. Kinda came up on me fast here it seems. This week has been kinda stressful but the other day I got a package in the mail from my mom. Two dvds and a modified easter basket full of candy. Gotta hand it to her, she knows how to get to my heart. Having that little bit of home in front of me when I opened the box up on my dilapidated couch of a footon made me think back to home and how much I love my family. I definately needed to take a moment to stop thinking about school constantly and remember that I have them too.

ah yes new template...any comments? I made the little dealy picture with my Stranger on a Quiet Street theme.

Short update. Lots to do this weekend. stay tuned in case anything exciting happens. I doubt it.

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Kay said...

Tienes un precioso blog.
Tengo una armónica como ésa jeje.

Un abrazo desde España