Saturday, April 07, 2007

See Food

I like seafood. I like fish, crawfish, and even enjoy a good piping warm bowl of Chunky New England Clam Chowdah. I was absolutely repulsed by what usually would be a savory idea for a meal. The Sundial (which is the closest dining hall to me here on the campus of BG) closed at 7 tonight...I decided I was hungry after 7 and was denied food from their sub-par dining dith hole of a hall. So I went to my room realizing I had been saving up for such an occasion. I had two large cases of Ramen Noodle. One is chicken the other shrimp. With little debate I proceeded in cooking up a cup of the shrimp and noodles. MMMM!!!! Shrimp..........NOT!


If you can see it there it's right next to the tip of that pen. I've never seen a shrimp that...well...shrimpy. Plus - shrimp aren't suppossed to look like aborted fetuses .
I am just as disgusted. Honestly. I almost Vomed.