Saturday, August 07, 2004

Crash & Burn
Well was bound to happen someday. Last night Alison and I drove into Naperville to get dinner. I was pulling into the parking garage when the person in front of me stopped so he could get a parking place on the first floor. Now this person in front of me was driving a Lexus and when she started backing up I was afraid she was going to hit me. I mean we were almost bumper to bumper as it was and when I saw her backing up I did too, to prevent myself from getting nailed. So then the lady behind me doesn't see what's going on and I back up into her.

Things going through my head at that moment:

3.Damn car alarm!
4.Shit I just hit a BMW!
5.wonder where we're going to eat.
6.SHIT put it in forward go go go!

So after the bastard in front of me gets his/her parking place I proceed to the only parking left. Floor 5. Now at this point I'm thinking... wow, what, how does that work out. I don't want to get in an accident with a lexus but instead I get in an accident with a BMW! My phucking luck. Actually... I was pretty damn lucky. When I confronted the lady about her car she said it was no big deal and said it would just end up costing more through insurance.

Well I was relieved.

Although there was probably more damage to my car...well my dad's car...than hers. I just bent up her license plate a little. My car had lost some paint. Hopefully my dad doesn't notice...

Dinner was nice. We decided to go to the Bangkok Village. Good food but only try the green soda if you're curious about how old womans perfume tastes like. Alison has come to the conclusion that it tastes like that...and well.. It does. Makes you wonder how they go about getting that flavour...well it makes me wonder at least.

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