Thursday, July 15, 2004


Hello Feeble public...Today i Joseph Charles....yes yes that's my middle name come on get past it now....hur hem...I joseph Charles Griffin performed the task of which every man is expected to and proud to preform...I mowed the lawn...::cricket,cricket:: thank you ::bow left,bow right, bow center,close curtain::

In other news I got reaLLY drunk and wasted and went running through the streets on stilts. not really but it was my little bro's b-day. not to be confused with D-day. Which, might I add, was probably our nations most remembered date this then I went with gunnar and mo to get a pie at baker's field...I think..anyway we left without leaving a tip and after disturbing everyone within a 100 foot radius...basically the whole restaurant...well it's not that big but lets just say that if you were in that restaurant ...which it really isn't it's more of a pie would be very disturbed. On the drive back I saw flippy...and hey quick question it phlippy or flippy? anyway we saw him driving next to us I flashed him the shocker and he followed me home. When we got there played some grab ass ate some of the candy they had purchased from meijer and bid them all fair well.

I'm happy and i've found a new character BUY!

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