Monday, July 26, 2004


Greetings Lads and Lasses!

Estoy aqui

I'm back from camp and returning to a somewhat normal life.  Camp was long and pointless.  My boyscout troop  set off for Camp Freeland Leslie a week ago.  To start the whole trip off we went to Noahs ark and rampaged all over the park for the whole first day of our excursion.  When we finally got to our camp later that same day we were psyched and ready for a week of classes and sailing and just bullshittin' around.  About halfway through the week I was really itchy from my semi beard that had grown in and I felt like filth despite the two showers I took a day.  At the end of the week my hair was greasy my face looked that of a 30  year old who had just lost his job and accidentally wandered off into a local bar and had two too many drinks.  I was in a confused daze and for me packing up the site and folding up the tents was abuse like I'd never received.  The fact that I was the oldest kid there and my best company was Jimmy Marter I was about to strangle the younger kids...Oh I'm sorry I mean the younger mistakes! 

The day I got back Alison and I rented some movies and watched them at her place.  I felt all sanity return to me.   Je t'aime Alison!

Amalie is a great movie.  I hadn't seen it but had heard much talk of how wonderful the movie was and I have to admit...I liked it...  So for any of you lazy asses out there who have not yet seen it go now and rent it...If you don't have a blockbuster card steal...I mean borrow your parent's card and go rent Amelie!

I decided to rent a movie I had wanted to see for quite some time...The Triplets of Belleville!  If you are the type who likes twisted French cartoon movies this is a movie I would come up to you and say,"Hey, you need to rent this."  You of course the sick twisted person you are would say ," Hah!  You are Silly!"  and then you would go rent it and find that even though there isn't even one complete sentence uttered during the whole movie you would say something like,"  Cool."

Well hey!  I've been gone for a whole week so I expect to get updates from everyone.

Live long and prosper!
Longs de phase et prospèrent!
cacoon cacoon


Anonymous said...

Hey joey! I'm gonna call you. I love your blog and i am so happy for you and alison. I'll call you about the party. Love Emily

Brian said...

Welcome back, Junior Spaceman