Monday, December 06, 2004

Speech meet drag

Yeah so last saturday was the first speech meet of the season at Neuqua Valley high. I got about 3 hours of sleep almost missed the bus and arrived at the school where the meet was to be held. My partner (Mike Leali) and myself went to all three of ours rounds, performed, and felt very confident about our performances. And still I haven't broken yet. we got two 3's and a 5. I'm still satisfied though. Next week we'll take em to town.

YEEEF, I still need to finish writing my OC. I won't perform OC this week but next week the 18th I think. I really feel bad about not being ready to perform for OC but I really need more time.

What ever happened to getting sleep?

This week...

Friday - Commotion crystals concert (and octet if that pulls through)

Friday night - very little to no sleep

Saturday - Speech meet all day, probably in a stoned state of being

Sunday - Phuck church I'm sleeping in till Commotion later that evening

Yep other than that I think I've successfully become a pseudo-insomniac. I'm actually getting used to the little sleep I've been getting. I even find it challenging to see how well I can operate with little sleep. Like a test of endurence.

HA...who ever said you need 8 hours of sleep can suck a nut.

Listen to Ray Charles

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