Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Speech meet numero uno es aqui!

This saturday My partner Mike Leali and myself will be performing our HDA! It's a great duet and we've polished the humor pretty well for our first meet. We will definately be taking more than just our balls to this speech meet. I'm super excited. If you're going just to watch this weekend make it a goal of yours to watch our scene.


what else is there to talk about.


meh dorky routine funny to watch us do but a heartwarming tune.


...Diana said it best on her latest post...School is school.

well that's pretty much it folks. I'm sorry... next time I promise I'll think outside the Bachs....(buh dum chh)

anyone wanna sell to me a old record player I sure want to buy it from you!!! post me if you want to take up on this deal...

Peace in the mid east.

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