Friday, December 17, 2004

Oh my God!

I am not ready for this speech meet!!!!!!

I've been studying my OC all night and I feel like I'm gonna totally suck. I'm so embarrassed. I just want to stay home. I need more time. I've never felt this way, ever. I have never been put in this situation and it totally sucks. AH! I just want to scream! I just want to stay in the comfort of my house and not make a fool of myself. I look at my compitition and I cringe to think that I have to now perform in front of them and make a fucking fool of myself. DAMNETTE! I hate this feeling so much. If there is a god out there I ask that he have mercy on me. Tomorrow I let everyone down...but nobody will probably read this till after tomorrows meet since every other sane speech team kid is in bed sleeping...SHIT!

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