Friday, December 24, 2004

MERRY CHRISTMAS!...or whatever you do.

So I forgot to keep counting the days down who gives a shit? All that matters now is that tomorrow is Christmas. . . and whether you're waiting to get that crazy cool new snowboard or video game or pair of underwear...or if you're just into the whole christ being born. . . ::cough, cough, Sarah Weir, Cough:: . . .then I wish everyone a Merry Christmas...for all you Jews out there...just enjoy the break and knowing that if you have to go out on the roads tomorrow you won't have to worry about all the traffic. Most of all I just want everyone to smile tomorrow. It's a day for whatever reason for everyone to stop think and smile. For family, friendship, gifts, and a life that never labels itself as normal or boring. I love you all regardless of race, sexual preference, religion. Merry-whatever-the-fuck tomorrow is for you!

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