Saturday, December 11, 2004


day one in the books.

Tonight all musically inclined students at OHS performed in the crystals concert. It was pretty phucked up. I'm only in commotion for the whole show so I sit around till the end of the show sing and dance a little and then run off stage shuddering at how horrible we did. No not really. Although the first performance tonight out of the two we totally screwed up the beginning of our sone. We came in late because we couldn't hear the 1,2,3,4 that Tieri apparently shouted...not. So we all look like the fool up on stage but despite that kept the grin on and acted like nothing happened...HA...fools

NO speech for me tomorrow. Sorry all I told eveyone that I was gonna go along even though I didn't have to perform but I got home tonight and was like....SLEEEEEP....I could use some of that so yeah screw you all. I'll bring two cakes next week to make up.

Wish us all luck Sunday when we preform our second night of crystals!

Peace, Love, and Multiple Orgasms to all

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