Saturday, November 13, 2004


Sorry for the long wait. I've been bad about updating lately. I guess it's been a mix between not wanting to update about what's gone on lately and the sheer fact that I have very little time in order to. School is in full session now and has plagued me. Homework in my hard classes and falling asleep in my boring classes. Nobody should ever take earth science. It's lame and it literally saps the life out of me. I'm always having to help the people around me...and by help I mean i'm doing all the work for them. I'm the only one despite the amount of times I fall asleep in that class that is passing. IT'S ALL COMMON SENSE YOU FUCKING PRICKS. little grains of sand move fast in fast water and boulders don't move at all in slow here take this and go shove it up your ass at least telling you to do that will actually produce some sort of a result instead of "uhhhh...does pink and yellow make green?"

I'm sure you all know of the whole incident concerning Kyle, myself, and the wheelchair of her late grandmother. I won't go into it here. I would like to post an apology to everyone who was affected negatively by that incident. My actions were childish and my regret is sincere. Things seem better know and I can only hope that nobody's view of myself has changed in any way.

On a lighter note...



Everyone including myself on speech team is psyched. This season is gonna be intense and I intend on focusing alot more this year on speech team than I did last year. I'll be doing HDA and OC...(for all who don't do the speech thing..HDA-Humerous duet acting, OC-Original Comedy). Oh and I refuse to use pez dispensers as a way to show a sign of respect to winning oswego members. I refuse to use the pez dispensers this season...if you agree with me fellow speech members rise up and join with me in the rebellion.

I've also takin' up the trumpet in the past two weeks. I've got clear sounds coming out now but I need some tutoring to learn more scales and refine my abilities where they are now. Anyone up for it?

M Eagle scout project is done! I got that finishes last saturday and the results of hard work and thorough planning have paid off. I'll post some pics later. Look in the newspaper for an article and a photo. I would like to thank everyone for making it out and contributing to the effort. The steps look great and what I had thought would have taken the whole day right up until 5 in the evening was finished at 2 with time to sit back and admire a job well done. PLEASE! go use the hill once we get snow on the groound. I hope the steps make the climb easier!

Hey Fauth! Photo copy me that script for the winter show and mail it to my ass. I also need to know how the winter show is going to affect my schedule...oh while i'm using my post as a messaging service let me tell all who plan on not having much to do during the winter...THE WINTER LIMELIGHT SHOW! DO IT. more info later. I don't know much myself. just wait for the winter parkdistrict catalogues to come in your mail and find out when and where you can sign up for it. I'll hopefully be ass. unpaid director and Diana I think is going to be the ass. paid director and then of course the wonderful anomoly himself Brian.

-that's a pretty good update.

I say R-A

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