Sunday, November 21, 2004

The only words that can sum up how I feel right now are-

This is where I'll be so heavenly,so come and dance with me Michael.So sexy, I'm sexy,so come and dance with me Michael. I'm all that you see, you wanna see, so come and dance with me Michael. So close now, so close now,so come and dance with me, so come and dance with me, so come and dance with me Michael, you're the boy with all the leather hips, sticky hair, sticky hips, stubble on my sticky lips. Michael, you're the only one I'd ever want only one I'd ever want only one I'd ever want. Beautiful boys on a beautiful dancefloor. Michael,you're dancing like a beautiful dance whore. Michael,waiting on a silver platter now ... and nothing matters.

...not really.

So yesterday I helped Brems out with another one of his college films he has to shoot for class. It was fun. Jessi and i starred in it. The scene was shot in a stlye of cinematography you can find in Goodfellas in the one scene where the police helicopter is following Henry. The scene is very fast and the camera moves frantically. We adapted the scene a bit and the plot ended up having us running around the house and to a friends house to get videos that were due back at hollywood video. It was fun. I got to do some fun stuff with the car. Not to mention seeing brems hang on to the hood of my car to get a shot or two . That was too good.

OC is starting to scare me. I started writing it this weekend and now I feel the pressure for this to be complete and be good. Have confidence.

Short week this next week. YAY!

Hope nobody dies.

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