Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm almost to the 1000 mark on my hit counter for my blog. It's taken awhile...

All I want for christmas is a large bundel of cash so I can go shop in chicago for scripts. I need to start a collection of scripts. I've been meaning to do this for awhile. I have yet to read Hamlet and plan on doing so soon. Other than that I hate turkey day. Mainly because I'm not for the whole being thankful and coming together as a family. I think that's bull. Like all holidays no matter what the problems in the family are we set them aside for a day or two to celebrate togetherness, eat ham get fat and then sit in front of the tv to watch football. No let's just appreciate each others presence everyday...that's how it should be. Holidays are lame excuses for cards and family get togethers...which I hate. I don't think I am having family over for thanksgiving and for that...I'm thankful. For once I don't have to put up with family trips and relatives sapping the energy out of me when I expect to just be a bum and appreciate the break from school. Like everyone should.

Brems got ahold of me and this saturday he, Jessi and I are going to make a little film that he needs for school. I'm glad to help the old man out.

Jessi, Donovan has a new album out. I'll burn you his new song from the album that I downloaded. It's really sweet and easy going.

Speech I can tell is gonna be quite the endeavor this season. I have no doubt that I will be rushing around trying to gather my shit together the day before speech meet 1, in Nequa. ah I love adrenaline.

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