Wednesday, November 17, 2004


OC is starting to work out for me. I have got a decent plot idea and my brainstorming is flowing quite well. I can't wait to get this thing going. I hope I do well in OC. I want to strive to do my best.

Josh and I went to Borders tonight. I bought a book I have been itching to buy for quite some time. An actor Prepares by the man Stan himself. I'm reading the whole book tonight. I love it. I wanted to read the whole thing when I took Mr. B's theater class but he only gave us a section from it. It's really thorough and very interesting. It helps point out many problems and how to fix them when it comes to living the part on stage. Stanislavski is what made me want to act. Too bad Mr. B never uses stan's methods of acting for his own shows. I don't get that about him. He teaches all this really good acting technique in his theater arts class but rarely utilizes it for his own shows. He uses some of the more broader principles like creating a moment and eye contact and yadda yadda yadda. But stan goes alot more into the development of character and living the part than just that. Half the problem too is that Mr. B's shows he picks never have characters that can truely utilize this style of acting. For our last show in order for the parts to be performed "right" we had to over act and in a way most of our acting was more method acting than it was living the part.


I can't wait for Limelight.

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