Monday, September 27, 2004

I suck at writing.

Today was a day.

I was a student.

I learned some shit.

took some shit.

don't really feel like shit

and so now I sit.

Write in my blog.

nothing to do but dwell on my actions.

and the people and their reactions.

When I'm done.

I turn the lights off.

Throw my jacket in a lump on the floor.

and head for my bedroom door.

Play my guitar.

Sit a stare at the wall.

Crawl relunctantly into bed.

pull up the covers.

and head off into my mind.

I watch and wonder.

I ask it questions.

It answers with a sigh and a bye.

I leave dazed and confused.

Crawl back out through my ear.

Out of bed and into the fray.

There to fight and there to stay.

Till again I find my path back home

and take it torn and tired

to sit and transpire

-Don't do Drugs!
unless it's okay.
then do them and buy a horse.
take it for a run but not to walgreens.
They smoke.
That's unhealthy.
Unless you are a carny.
Then anything you do is unhealthy.
So in that case try using cottonballs.
That is if you want to apply a liquid.
but only if it's clear.
If it isn't it's tar.
If it's tar then it should have been on the road.
Put it there.
With a little time and effort it will be fine.
Here's a dime to use to dine.
Unless you are a mime.
Then you can't go.
If you did you'd be a hipocrit.
not really but it'd be nice to think that for a second.
Only to realize you can't think at all because you are dead.
A wound.
probably some bleeding.
Unless it was due to shock.
In that case you'd have to rely on him.
not you.
Oh you're not a him.
Shut up you blind how can you tell.

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