Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Good news all. Some body found my wallet! Yay...oh but they took all the money in it...$20...oh well...lesson learned.

Busy Busy day today.

Scool: I just kinda chugged through anxious to get to my extra...I mean Co-curricular activities after school. School has been so slow lately. Fourth block we had a sub who just up and left halfway through class and never came back. oh well I got a nice nap before play rehearsal.

Play On Rehearsal: ROCKED. I love the script! It's very good. The humor has me splitting sides just reading the pages. Just wait till we put actions and vocalize everything. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this play in progress.

Ate at Jimmy John's. not bad I liked it. I got the JJBLT. pretty good, but gave me bad breath. I had a mint though so that problem got tackled pretty fast.

Commotion: Ran five laps round the school...I'm getting better. I've never felt better about running. I'm so happy. The show is finally coming together now. I wasn't sure how things would exactly fall into place but now I feel very comfortable with the group and what we're capable of accomplishing...which is alot. Despite my disablity at dancing I'm getting the steps down and the songs are so much fun. My favourite being "With You" the ballad from the musical "Pippin".

Well well well.

I'm quite exhausted from today and so I say adieu and adios.


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