Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Countdown Biotch!

Well well well.

Day one down...harmless. Bring on the full days!
only 173 days left.(that is school days, weekends and holidays excluded)

Today I was sitting down in my homeroom when I noticed immediatly why I hate being in the class of 2006. The kids in my graduating class are all so different from me. I truthfully have very few friends at school that are in the same grade as me. Most of my friends are either a year younger than me or a year or two older than me. I can't stand some of the kids in my grade. I could go on explaining quite a few of the ignorant and idiotic kids in my grade but for the sake of my own well being I'll just say that if you're in my grade and you are acting like a total jag-off then I probably don't hold you in the highest esteem. I dunno maybe i'm just to judgemenal and doubt it...


Religion...My opinion on the whole....wait I have blogged about religion before. Nevermind this talk is unnecessary. If you really want to, go to my old Xanga blog and dig it up. I'm way too lazy to complain about my problems with religion...Yay God! amen.

In other news if you have a bad cold or a irritating dry patch on your elbow then may I suggest decorating a small llama fetus with candy and then burning it while chanting random utterances and waving your hands about and then to top it all of have a nice glass of your own piss to cleanse the body and mind of all never mind I've seen too much watching the discovery channel at Alex's house today. Drinking piss especially your own is wrong. And the fact that purchasing a fucking llama fetus is possible makes me want to vomit. No! Bad shaman. Don't drink piss...that's not cool...

Another drink that isn't cool to drink is pitch black mountain dew. I think there is a point, despite the need for more sales, where you need to draw the line and say 'you know what, Right here is where we should stop and just let things run themselves.' But no "hey guys I know we have regular and code red and even livewire(Which by the way tastes just like orange freezepop juice before it's frozen) but lets make another one that tastes like black cherry.' Good Idea at first until the fatal mistake of making it taste like shit settled in and festered like a bit of cancer hanging of you tongue. Bad mountain dew. Besides everyone should drink more water so they don't get kidney stones or get dehydrated. Actually i'm just saying this all because i'm pissed that I have two cavaties despite the brushing and flossing I do on a daily basis. Damn you carbonated beverage!

tomorrow SEX!

Oh hey by the way I'm trying to decide on what to make my new cd compilation of. Here are your choices. Let me know what you want and when the compilation is finished I'll make sure everyone who wants a copy gets a copy.
Choices are:
A)Driving music
B)Theme songs
D)Easy listening

God damn, school is setting in already isn't it!

Live Long and Prosper! :)

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