Sunday, September 12, 2004

Chicago Chicago!

I love the city too much. Yesterday Jessi And I took a trip to chicago to visit our good old friend Gunnar and kinda mingle about the city. When we first arrived at the train station in Aurora we found much to our surprise that half of the parking lot was set aside for a wonderful little fair. After parking I heard something that sounded like music and after leaving the car and walking a few paces towards the fair we found a trio of performers playing old 40's sounding fair music...Tuba,Banjo!,and Trumpet!!. To cut things short we were there early so we grabbed a smootie some mini doughnuts and listened to the music.

Train came we found our seats and headed off for the city.

When we arrived we found Gunnar standing next to his bike with his trademark army fatigues on and his police hat hanging from the handlebars of his womans $25 bike. After some talking, and a firm handshake/hug we got a bite to eat and sat outside of the train station catching up.

Now I love the city for it's tall buildings and the noises and all the stores and restaurants but I mostly love the people in Chicago. We were sitting outside eating when all of a sudden a black homeless person came rambling over to our general direction while shouting "MOTHER FUCKER!" and "SON OF A BITCH!" and then going into some type of conversation mostly under his breath about something that apparently disturbed the poor homeless person. I felt bad for him but I was also scared by him because he began ranting about wanting to kill someone. So we just kinda stood still and after he left we grabbed up our things and headed for Gunnar's apartement.

Nice place gunnar! It's small but very neat. His Kitchen/Living room had all his amps guitars and recording devices set up against the walls. I got a chance to meet his roomate of which I've heard of and got to see his room and how he's turned it into his home away from home.

We played some guitar and then headed out to see the town. First stop ... the beach that reeked of ass. Till yesterday I never knew that Chicago had a beach or could even be capable of having one. Truthfully though it was pretty nasty. There was a huge pile of shit on the sand and it pretty much made me want to vomit.

After the beach we headed out to the "L" and took the sub-train all the way up to wrigleyville where we got off and went thrifting at a pair of thriftstores.

Again I love people in Chicago...

Right before entering the thrift store a man walking out with a smug little grin on his face saw gunnar and noticed his hair tied up in back and stopped to say "JESUS LOVES YOU!" and then went about his business of spreading the word to all long haired semi jesus looking freaks that jesus loves you.

Then while in the store I was trying on some jackets, specifically a really nice Members Only jacket, when I saw an old asian man walking down the aisle. At first it was nothing, two strangers passing each other and going about their business. Things took a change for the wierd very quickly though. The old asian man passed behind me while I was looking at a jacket and I heard him mumble almost inaudibly "Beutiful."...I was'nt sure what to do so when the man was gone I got gunnar's attention and told him what happened and we decided to just shrug it off and go about our business. I decided to go around the store to some different sections and kinda look around. I noticed at this point that the old asian man was following me around, but at a distance. He never got too close. Just before we were leaving I was putting a coat back on the rack when the man came around the corner to also hang a coat up. I was kinda put in an akward situation so I grabbed another coat and began looking at it. The man did this also. I was looking at the coat and inching myself away when he leaned over to me and said quite plainly "You look beutiful in everything." ...........thank you...thank you old creepy asian man who should look into a nice corrections facility. thank you, and here' my wallet. I left that store faster than anything after that little ordeal. I payed my $6 for my Member's Only jacket and I left that store with no intent of ever returning.

Still It made my day.
At least I'm beutiful in the eyes of someone...
I take that back it's a good story that I'll take with me forever but the fact that I think I turned that man on by simply trying on jackets kinda scars me for life.

When we got back to Gunnar's part of town we ate at a very nice chinese restaurant and went back to his apartement to watch Dave Matthews and chill out after a long day of walking and talking and just having a great time.

Now brace yourselve for this. The train home was quite the life lesson for Jessi and I.

We bid farewell to gunnar around 10. We got on the train and with all our energy drained and our minds turned to mush we slumped down on the train seats and found random things to talk about and sung a few songs. Time went by and we finally arrived to our stop. We got our things and jumped off the train and headed down a ramp hopefully leading to the main train station area. right as we finally woke up and noticed that we were off at a wrong stop we heard the train go by aboce us and head to where we should've been.


Jessi went into a fit about how she could've made this mistake but thruth was I was the one who made the mistake of saying "well here we are.". Jessi called home and told her parents of out fatal mistake and checked the scheule and told her we'd catch the next train out...which was the 12:40...that was about an hour from the current time and we felt absolutly devestated. We had time to burn and nobody but us were there. We bought a newspaper and read movie reviews but that only took 10 minutes and then we were there with nothng to do. We sat and waited and waited and sat. talked and waited and waited and sat. AH! 12:40...and no train...shit...Jessi ! you GOOF you looked at the SUNDAY schedule! We both called home again and then with all energy lost and all will to live gone we jumped on the tracks as a passing freight train went by we wrote a song. We were so embarrased and yet inspired my the mistake we made so we're writing a song about the whole incident. That ate up time like nothing and finally at 1:43 the last train out stopped in and we took for home!

I was really losing it by this time. zoning in zoning out. I got off the train and Jessi drove me home and as soon as I arrived to my doorstep I noticed a lack of a bulge in my back pocket. oh shit. I left my wallet on the train...So if anybody has family that works for metra...hehe yeah so I can't drive for the time being as I don't have my license. I tried calling the station but the office is closed and the number for lost and found they gave me is diconnected for some ungodly reason.

Well my weekend was great.

I made the show...I'm Billy...don't ask.

If you find my wallet please give it back I'll give you all the money left in it.

Oh Diana! Could you please bring my cell phone to school tomorrow?

Till next time ...Jesus Loves You!

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