Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hello Erebody!

Today was tryouts for the Fall play at OHS! The show so far is kinda how Nic Nic was last year though...I'm a bit worried...Nobody has heard of it. Oh yeah the show is:

Play On . . . A Murder Most Fowl.


So buckle up and hold on for the ride. Nobody knows what's to come. I think I did Pretty well with auditions today. I was really confident and very phsyched. My goal is to in some way inspire someone younger in the drama program. Adrian Aguilar did that for me and the least I could do is while making my strive to do my best hopefully rub some of myself off on someone else. Let's see how these newbies are...alot of potential...alot of blind trust...LET'S DO IT!

Oh btw ... My cd is done. Want it? Just send me a picture of your favourite pair of tennis shoes and I'll make sure that you get your free copy. To send me your pics send them to... 240 Foxchase Dr. N. Oswego Illinois 60543.

Going to see my man Gunnar this weekend. Jessi V. and myself are heading for Chi town via train to see how the good ol' boy is fairin' in his 17th floor apartment decked out with tons of recording equipment and enough instruments to start 4 bands and still have an extra guitar for each guitarist. I LOVE THE CITY!

Please take me away from this suburban hell!

farewell and until next time keep Michael Flatley in your "prayers". Who truely is...Lord of The Dance

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