Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nick & Susan

Here's our three minute film:

Nick & Susan

Feel free to leave comments and give a rating.
Again thanks to everyone who helped out!


Anonymous said...

I like the basic story (its hard to do too much with only 3 mins) Actors needed more direction. Too bland.. needs something unexpected added..I don't know what. Maybe he pulls out a baseball bat and smashes the radio for the final shot. That may be over the top but you see what Im getting at? Maybe a face close up of his eyes all filled with tears ready to come down his face. Also,The little half giggling by Susan should have been edited out ..it didn't fit. She needed to do a couple more useless things like twirl her hair with her finger or read a magazine do some yoga or just hang upside down from the end of the bed and laugh at the tv. It may have worked to have her laughing more at something on the TV like she is watching Mad TV (My favorite is Stuart saying "Don't touch meeeee"))I liked alot of the camera angles and the split screen was a cool idea to save time. In three mins we know what is going on and we feel for the Nick character in the end.
Good work to everyone..I can'r wait to see the next project!

Lizelby said...

you need to tell us when we can vote and how

Katrina said...

I logged on to apple and I voted and commented on the movie
Congrats for getting it to work..Hope you get lots of good votes